Recently the viewers of ''Dragon Ball Super'' could see where the father of Whis, Daishinkan-sama calls Whis ‘’My Son." We also know that the angels of the destroying gods are Whis and Vados, which means that the 10 destroying gods that we do not yet know also have their guides who are angels.

A few days ago some images were leaked, they were individual and forming them we were able to form the image that is of cover in this article, as you can see, there is a destroyer god next to his guide. We do not even know the names of these destroying gods but by their appearance it can be noticed that they appear equal to Beerus.

His appearance is like a Bear. Beerus has the appearance of a purple and skinny cat.

His role is the same role that the other destroying gods have: destroy. What will be his role in the ''Dragon Ball Super'' saga? We do not know yet, but we can only wait to see what Akira Toriyama is preparing to bring all of his viewers.

God’s power

The power of a destroying god goes beyond the Ki level of the Saiyans and humans, the Ki of the gods can only be felt by other gods, the Saiyans cannot feel it since they do not have power that the gods have.

The gods are the most powerful characters of their respective universes and a fight between gods could cause the destruction of several universes and galaxies.

The destroying gods and the Kaio-shin have never taken their hands since the Kaio-shin disagree that many planets are destroyed, but once every 1000 years they come together in their realms to speak. Once in ''Dragon Ball Z," Beerus locked the Elder Kaio-Shin in Sword Z, then was released after thousands of years after Gohan broke the sword.

This scene was seen in the saga of ''Dragon Ball Z,'' specifically in the battle of Majin Buu.


There are 12 angels as there are also 12 destroying gods. As more gods appear, more angels will appear, since they are accompanied by them. All angels have the same skills, as they are trained by the same coach.

Note: This information is not 100% confirmed, just a hypothesis.

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