Nathan Weitzel is the name of this man, who lives in Denver. He is accused of attempted murder. This man crashed his car because he wanted his son to die. He has to pay $500,000 and is in jail, waiting for his trial. He admits that he crashed the car on purpose.

The day of the "accident,"he had taken some cocaine

The kid was in the back seat of the car with no seatbelt and suffered a head concussion and a broken leg; they also had to put 20 stitches in a huge cut on his head. People hope he will recover very soon. The child is two-years-old. In court, Nathan Weitzel said he didn’t feel man enough to raise his kid.He drove at 75 miles per hour and left his son without his seatbelt on purpose.

He is now charged with attempted first-degree murder and child abuse. It will take approximately two months for the child to recover. Apparently, this man crashed his car because he wanted his son to die. The reason? He can’t handle the pressure of being a father.

Nathan Weitzel is 29-years-old. His son is named Isaiah and was found unconscious by witnesses of the crash. His mother, Nancy Lopez, is divorced and takes care of him on weekdays,but that day he used cocaine and got mad.

His father spent time with him on weekends

He is not only charged with attempted first-degree murder, but also of criminal mischief, drug possession and vehicular assault. Weitzel had two black eyes. He took his son to play at the park, and while the kid was having fun, he was thinking about how to kill him.

Then he started to look for a place to crash his car. He sat his kid out of his carseat and didn’t fasten the seatbelt on purpose. The crash happened in the morning around 11:00 am and witnesses were shocked. “There was no hitting brakes, just this horrible sound,” said someone who called 911.

Nancy, the mother, fell to the floor and started crying and screaming while she looked at her little son, who was unconscious.

She is really angry about this situation, but she is glad her son is alive. Some other witnesses said that Weitzel fought with the firefighters who were helping after the Accident and that he tried to commit suicide with a piece of glass.

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