While late night hostStephen Colbertand the cast from "Saturday Night Live" prepare to go full-throttle on November 8th, several well-known figures happily share their plans for the nail-biting night as well. Some include life-changing decisions in the event things do not go according to their liking. Yes, the rich and famous have apparently thought this thing through. Albeit, they have enough money for self-deportation and can afford to live life comfortably anywhere on the planet.Hollywoodproducer Ben Silverman and his wife have invited around 100 people to their Santa Monica home to enjoy the sounds of a banjo band and a varied selection from hired food trucks.

Silverman promises to have enough bartenders on hand to amply supply his guests with sparkling beverages for their consumption. Curious minds will have to wait and see if mixing liquored-up Democratic and Republican friends together is a good idea in this insane2016 presidential election.

Fox's Gary Newman and his spouse intend on splitting a large bottle of the bubbly to either cry or celebrate into. Actress Kate Hudson is settling on just a plain old bottle of wine. Comedy legend Carl Reiner told The Hollywood Reporter that he has a Trump pinata reserved for the special occasion.

The 94-year-old comic said that when the grand-kiddies come to visit they can eat the candy off the floor. "Transparent" creator Jill Soloway just wants enough Kleenex to sob uncontrollably into.

The morning after may be one hard pill to swallow

CNN'sDon Lemonjust wants a nice long vacation, someplace warm and sunny. Someplace where grinning folks will serve him mind-numbing margaritas and rub his tired feet.

Realistically though, theCNNveteran knows the real fun starts the following morning, no matter who the next president will be. Neil Burger, on the other hand, will jokingly opt for a full glass of water and a handful of pills instead.

Honey, pack your bags

A slew ofCelebritiesand other notables have declared, tweeted and vowed to leave America shouldDonald Trumpbecome the nation's next president. That all remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, their responses are ever so amusing. A few want to get as far away from the United States as they can. Jon Stewart states he will consider taking a rocket to another planet because Earth will have apparently gone bonkers. Cher tweeted that she will move to Jupiter. Actor Samuel L. Jackson says if that "MF" becomes president he will move his so-and-so to South Africa. That Samuel L. Who else can use a derogatory term like "MF" and make it almost sound endearing?

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