A dog was trapped in a sewer for 4 days in Argentina. With a lot of patience, the Policemen were trying to rescue it and finally did. We don’t know how he managed to get in there, but when he pulled his head out, people saw him trapped there.

The neighbors started to bring food and water to the sewer

They called 911 to inform them about the situation.The dog was frightened and confused. They tried to pull him out with great effort, and now the animal is in a dog refuge waiting for his new family.

He is healthy because of the help of the people around during those days. In the video, we can see a lot of people making a hole up in the sewer, going down and pulling the dog up. No family has reported a lost dog, so he is waiting for a new one. Apparently, there are a lot of people wanting him. The dog is brown and black like a German Shepherd and medium sized. These Dogs are popular because of their ability to resist hunger and difficult situations more than humans. This dog was trapped in a sewer for 4 days and came out completely healthy.

Other cases of dogs’ survival in sewers

There are many stories about dogs that got trapped in sewers or holes and survived. Two years ago, we can remember a case in which a Husky was stuck in a sewer in San Diego. He was also rescued after a few days walking around the sewer system. Suddenly, he got stuck in a hole near a street. The dog had a microchip, so the family located him very quickly.

In 2015, we remember a case in which the Home for Paws association received an emergency call and reported two dogs living in a sewer down the road.

One of the founders went there and volunteered in the rescue. The dogs were in very bad shape, but they survived because someone was taking food and water to them.We have to understand that dogs are like children; they often get lost and confused. And because of their curiosity, they end up in dangerous places. Sometimes, they find food in a place where they can’t reach or they see another animal and start to run off or pull into a tight spot.

That’s when these accidents occur. Thanks to the labor of volunteers, they can be returned to their families safe and sound.

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