A few days ago the creator of the emblematic series ''Dragon Ball Super'' was out giving information about the next saga of ''Dragon Ball Super'' and what it’s going to happen in the saga. The next saga as we know will be based on the tournament of which the omnipotent Zeno-sama have spoken. Zeno talked about this tournament in the chapters 36 where Hit and Goku were fighting in the other tournament. This tournament was created by the destroying gods Bills-sama and Champa-sama.

In the next tournament it is obvious that new characters will appear, among these villains.


Akira said that Xaiko is a character who is in the saga of Dragon Ball AF, but now he decided to put Xaiko in ''Dragon Ball Super'' but the characters are chosen randomly at the time that Akira is going to put new Characters in the series.

What is a destroying god?

A destroying god in the ''Dragon Ball Super'' series is a character who is in charge of destroying the planets. Destroying gods can destroy all the thing that they want but need to be careful about to destroy a planet where alive Kaioshin’s Because a destroying god depends on a kaioshin.

What is a creator god? It is the god who is in charge of the creation of the planets from the mountains to the rivers and the habitants of that world. Just as there are destructive gods there are also creative gods. The creator gods are responsible for creating the planets and the destroyer is in charge of destroying them.


Xaiko wears a t-shirt and pants with shoes like the one used by Piccolo Daimaku. He can become Super Saiyan as Son Goku and Prince of the Saiyajin Vegeta. Xaiko can also use techniques similar to those used by Goku and his son Gohan.

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It also has the ability to make the super Genkidama that was created by Master Roshi.

Xaiko will appear in the next saga of the series in the next tournament as a villain, being able to participate in first place thanks to being among the worst. Why among the worst? We do not know yet.

Additional information: This information is not 100% confirmed.