In recent months the series ''Dragon Ball Super'' has been overcoming the barriers of all animes without any publicity help to get where it is. So far it consists of 67 chapters which covered from Freezer to Black and Zamasu. In the next chapters the next saga will be released, in which Akira has mentioned that other gods will appear thanks to the new tournament that Zeno-sama has created.

It should be noted that Akira Toriyama had confirmed that the series "Dragon Ball Super" will have 200 chapters each of 23 minutes as usual.


A destroying god

In the next saga the audience of ''Dragon Ball Super'' will be able to see other new characters, new gods, new enemies, and even more. In this case we are talking about the god of universe 13, the universe that was destroyed by the omnipotent Zeno-chan, but this god had the intelligence to move to another planet in silence and stay alive. We will be able to observe this in the next chapters and we will be able to observe the power that unleashed this god in the combats.

The omnipotent Zeno-chan is going to give all the characters the opportunity to participate in the tournament.

Is clear that Son Goku will want to fight against the most powerful opponents because he enjoys the power of the most powerful.

A large portion of the ideas for the fantastic anime ''Dragon Ball Super'' are made by Bandai and Toei Animation. Toei Animation gives the ideas for each chapter and for each manga that is going to be released in each and every week. It is necessary to know that Akira Toriyama is the creator of the anime but this is not the person who gives all the ideas and he is not the one who really draws comics or anything like that.



Soon the series will be translated to the English language and in another moment will be translated to the Spanish language, confirmed by the creator Akira Toriyama. We can now look for the performer who will translate the series, among these the most recognized will be Mario Castañeda.

This information is not 100% confirmed.