"Once Upon a Time" Season 6—starring the Savior, the Evil Queen, the Not-so-evil Queen, Snow White, Prince Charming, the kid whose relevance to the plot has been sketchy at best since season 3, Rumpelstiltskin minus all the hair he chops off in episode 4, Zelena the Ever-Envious, the Devlishly Handsome Pirate, and the Pregnant Bookworm.

In a nutshell

When we last saw our heroes, they had just escaped the Underworld, until Rumple screwed them all over again dropped on them a bunch of characters from a mysterious place called the Land of Untold Stories (most of which have been told by the way.

It’s just that the author was lazy and left them out of the magical story book, leaving them to decide their fate for themselves. What a tragedy). Enter the sinister new villain, Mr. Hyde, who gets a full four episodes to terrorize the citizens of Storybrooke before meeting his tragic end, even though we only have a few minutes to let it sink in and feel sorry for him after finding out that he was never really the bad guy at all.

The Evil Queen

But no worries, Hyde was just paving the way for the true villain of the season: the Evil Queen.

After Regina finally gets fed up with her dark side and decides to separate herself from it, thedark side returns, intent on ripping out the heart of Snow White, the person she hates most.

Meanwhile, Emma is busy facing her own demons, convinced that being the Savior is eventually going to kill her because of some crazy vision she’s been having. Also, this season introduces Aladdin from the Land of Untold Stories, a guy who also happens to be a Savior.

Or at least, he used to be until he used a pair of magical shears to rid himself of this title, thus saving his own life. Oops, looks like Emma is doomed after all. People are crying and Hook is lying and Henry is going through his emo teenager phase—seriously, what else is new?

Trouble in paradise

Well, Belle is up and at it after Morpheus, supposedly her unborn son, somehow woke herfrom her sleeping curse (not quite clear on how that was feasible), which she stupidly inflicted upon herself in season 5, except that now she wants nothing to do with Rumple and his dark, manipulative ways.

He wants so badly to be there for her and their unborn child, but after five seasons of trying tirelessly to change the guy into a completely different person, Belle’s finally learned her lesson. No worries, though! Rumple still manages to get some action from none other than the Evil Queen, herself, who apparently decided that since she’s the only woman in her family who hasn’t made out with Rumple, she might as well give it a go and see what all the fuss is about. That is, until Zelena, who’s been obsessed with the guy since she met him, catches them in their scandalous affair (because for some reason she didn’t expect the Evil Queen to be, well, EVIL), and runs off to tell Belle about it, and more importantly, Rumple’s nefarious plans to make their son love him with the new ever-popular magical shears.

Makes perfect sense.

Not everyone has been foiled for the day, however. The Evil Queen is still out for Snow White, and she’s ready to take away her and Prince Charming’s happiness if it’s the last thing she does. The future isn't looking too bright for Regina right now, either, since it seems the only way to kill Regina's evil doppelganger is to sacrifice her own life. Because no can be happy for two seconds on this show.

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