The final season of “Teen Wolf” is only a few days away, and as someone who's had the opportunity to see the first few episodes, I’ve got a few hints about what’s coming to make the wait just a little bit easier.

There are a lot of callbacks to previous seasons

In addition to being the “Teen Wolf’ swan song, season six is also something of a love letter to fans who have stuck with the show since it originally premiered. You’ll see plenty of scenes and hear plenty of dialogue that calls back to earlier episodes.

Fans will especially love the callback Lydia provides during the final moments of episode two. She has a line that she hasn’t uttered since the very first season of the show.

Liam is thinking about the future

With Scott and his friends on the verge of graduation, they aren’t the only ones thinking about the future. So is the next class of supernatural creatures. Liam, as Scott’s first Beta, is concerned with the big shoes he might have to fill if he wants to become the Alpha of those left behind in Beacon Hills.

Taking Scott’s spot as lacrosse team captain would give him some leadership experience -- if Liam can get his head on straight.

Mason and Corey play a larger role

Mason had a fairly significant effect on the plot last season, even if the audience didn’t get to know him very well outside of his friendship with Liam. Corey, introduced as a chameleon, started up a relationship with Mason in season five, but he too was put on the back burner.

This time around, these two will be very much involved in the attempt to take on the Ghost Riders. In fact, Corey might just find out he’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve other than being able to blend in.

Stydia fans will get a moment or two

It’s no spoiler at this point to say that the big bads this season -- the Ghost Riders -- go after Stiles. Fans were aware that Dylan O’Brien would be taking some time off from the show to film a movie, but after an injury on the set of “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” he stopped filming anything for several months.

That doesn’t mean he’s completely absent though. Fans who have been with the show since the beginning will remember the puppy love Stiles held for Lydia before the two actually became close friends. The first two episodes of the season will show just how deep that friendship (and possibly more) goes.

There are some surprise character appearances

We still don’t know if fan favorites like Colton Haynes or Tyler Hoechlin will back in the final season, but there will be plenty of characters returning to the show after some time away. One of the most surprising appearances though is in episode two. Keep a lookout for a character you might have thought you’d never meet.

Tyler Posey is directing an episode

As the central character of the show, Scott McCall has had a wild ride. Tyler Posey’s has been just as wild while he plays the teen werewolf. Posey, who loves working on the show so much that he sticks around set even after he’s done for the day, has spent a lot of time learning everything he can behind the scenes. It seems only natural that he’d want to direct.

The actor will make his directorial debut for episode thirteen, which should air in 2017.

Teen Wolf” makes its sixth, and final, season debut on November 15 at 9PM on MTV, just before the series premiere of “Sweet/Vicious.”

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