Performed by "Star Trek’s ownZachary Quinto, this thrilling story instantly commands attention. Best-selling author John Scalzishares a tale that unwinds at a perfectly set pace. "The Dispatcher" is a cool and twisted detective story with an old noir feeling to it. A nice length, this audiobook weaves the listener through a maze of "just the facts" type storytelling mixed with deep theological twists. Scalzi's characters are presented as stark and clear,while they slowly attach themselves to the interest of theaudience.

Just imagine Mr. Spock reading you a story

Quinto's voice is an attention-grabber as he brings Scalzi’s characters to life. He switches character voices on a dime, and brings out this bright visualization of exactly what is going on. Of course "Star Trek" fans will revel in this perfectly told tale; yet everyone can get lost in the imagination. Good luck taking off those headphones before finishing the Book because between the foreshadowing and the jaw drops, it is quite a ride.

Grab it while it's free!

The time to check out "The Dispatcher" is definitely now as it is will be free on Audible until Nov. 3, 2016. Quinto is best known for his role as Spock in J.J.Abrams' new "Star Trek" films, Sylar in "Heroes," and multiple coolyet creepy characters in the popular TV series "American Horror Story." The actor has that uniquely smooth voice that is ideal for storytelling.

John Scalzi is a novelist with a sci-fi edge, a columnist and a film critic out of California with books such as "Old Man's War," "The Last Colony," "The Human Division," and "The End of All Things."

Audiobooksinspire the imagination

Listening to audiobooks sparks creativity, and with Zachary Quinto at the helm, "The Dispatcher" is pretty much magic. It is definitelyworth taking a ofcouple hours out of a day toimmerse oneself into this skillfully written tale that keeps the listener guessing.Head over to Audible to grab this book, break out the Bluetooth or headphones, and enjoy.

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