"Z Nation" aired episode 3 of season 3 Friday night titled "Murphy's Miracle" and the viewers learn that a bite from the blue man might become a much sought after event!. Spoilers are about to pop up, so if you don't want to know what happened on Friday night's show, stop and come back later.

Murphy bit a little girl who was dying and he saved her life with two very thankful parents looking at Murphy like he was the new world savior. One of the side effects of this bite is that the child is no longer fearing the zombies, which is a godsend in the "Z Nation" zombie apocalypse. When that little girl took it upon herself to crawl up on Murphy's lap and give him a hug, it was both endearing and scary.

His bite not only turns folks into Blends but these victims end up worshiping Murphy as well, again a scary thought!

Please... 'bite my wife'

These grateful parents with their little girl in tow follow Murphy and his new crew of Blends to a city in Washington State. This is where Murphy intends to set up his kingdom and rule a new breed of people, which incidentally he will create by biting humans. The father of the child has one more request for Murphy and that is to please... "bite my wife." At this moment it appears to hit Murphy just how easy creating this new breed of Blends is going to be, as they will come to him, suggests the A.V. Club.

Making 'Blends'

The show ends before Murphy gives the father an answer, but if the smile on his face is any indication, Murphy is about to take a chunk out of his wife's face!

Murphy has turned 10K into a Blend and he is fighting this as much as he can. This is to no avail because Murphy's mind control is too strong for10K. He might verbally tell Murphy "no" I won't do it, when Murphy gives him an order, but at the same time he's saying "no" 10K is doing just what Murphy's ordered.

Don't Jump!

At one point it looked as if 10K was contemplating jumping off a bridge and into a waterfall to end his life, but Murphy didn't let that happen. While Murphy begins the early stages of creating his kingdom, Warren and her crew have landed in a town with only one human resident who enjoys living with the town's zombies.

He feeds them and makes Warren promise not to kill any of the town's zombies, as he was the town's mailman and he knew them all well.

One bizarre mailman

This guy gets more strange by the minute and come to find out he is a mass murderer who killed many of the people in town. Now this very weird man is about to kill Warren and her crew so he has human brains to feed the zombies. That thought was short lived, as he became dinner for his zombie neighbors while Warren, Doc and the crew got out of town to find Murphy.

Citizen Z with the pipe-smoking Nana

Citizen Z has one heck of a fan and it appears this young smitten girl is growing on him as well as her pipe-smoking Nana. When he finds out the family of three who nursed him back to health is giving him the lion's share of the mere pittance of food they have left, he sets out for the base to bring back food for the family.

Hopefully the young girl becomes a regular on the show because she is one endearing creature!

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