“The Young and the Restless” spoilers for Friday's show indicate that there are confrontations and challenges on the way. Brash & Sassy is ready for a big launch, but they are facing a problem with their plan. Phyllis is spying on Jack, and he is working to take down Victor and Newman Enterprises, but things may not move ahead according to plan. What's coming up during the October 14 show?

Ashley catches Phyllis spying on Jack

According to SheKnows Soaps, Ashley will figure out that Phyllis has been spying on Jack via his computer and confronts her, warning her that this could get her fired. Later, Ashley makes Phyllis confess to Jack and “Young and Restless” spoilers note that Phyllis will get her husband to admit that he's going after Victor.

The estranged spouses will argue over all of this, but she surprises him by telling him that she wants to help him. Jack is left stunned as Phyllis says that she wants to work with him to destroy Victor.

The Brash & Sassy launch hits a snag when rain ruins the plan for a rooftop party, but “Young and Restless” spoilers indicate that they will manage to get approval to hold the event at the Top of the Tower. Jill angles to have Victoria and Billy arrive in a limo together, but Victoria has other plans. Everybody gathers for the event and Cane shines.

Hilary faces frustrations over how to handle the 'GC Buzz'

Hilary is struggling over the bad reviews she's gotten so far with the “GC Buzz,” but Devon stands by her side as they commit to taking a professional approach.

She'll pursue an interview with Jack and Neil warns her not to drag him through the mud. However, Hilary insists that her intentions are only positive ones. Later, Devon tells Hilary that he has something to share with her at home.

Victor is quite suspicious about Jack and his potential new plan and he has confided some of his suspicions in Travis.

Celeb Dirty Laundry notes that Newman will hold back his thoughts from Abby and Summer, hoping that Summer may end up learning something valuable that would help him. In fact, “Young and Restless” spoilers indicate that Summer will question her grandfather about Jack and admit that she did see something on Abbott's computer.

She notes that her mother insisted that it was nothing and Victor plays along with assuming that's true.

At the end of the show, Victor will get a call from someone who he then congratulates on a job well done. Will Jack and Phyllis be successful in their collaboration to destroy Victor or is Newman managing to stay a step ahead of them? The week ahead will have plenty of drama related to Sharon, Dylan, Nick, and the Christian situation and Chloe will be landing in a bit of hot water. Fans are anxious to see progress on this baby switch front and "The Young and the Restless" spoilers tease that things will be explosive as secrets are finally revealed.

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