'Xtra Factor' Saturday night had Simon Cowell shaking his and saying he would never do live TV again. This was after the judges of the show had to choose a front door to open to ask questions of the contestants. When Rylan said "I love a front door," Simon was very quick to quip, “I thought you liked a back door." While viewers are horrified, Rylan Clark-Nealis apparently not offended by the inappropriate joke referring to his sexual preferences.

People took to Twitter express their anger and disappointment at the inappropriate comment.

Rylan himself seemed not to blink or even miss the slightest stride at the comment and appeared to shrug it off during the show, but then he is such a top class presenter, he would be able to carry it off with panache.

FRQfm music station got onto it very fast and posted up on Twitter that "XFactor just fell into the gutter."

Lad Bible pointed out that despite the fall into the gutter, that Simon "turned away from the camera and said 'I shouldn't have said that.

No, Simon, you shouldn't. He added: 'Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.'" Nevertheless, some fans were really upset, apology or not! The Daily Express pointed out that while Rylan might have handled it all very professionaly, that he actually blushed and looked embarrassed.

Here's what some of the disgusted fans had to say about Simon Cowell.

Someone else is not impressed and in fact that extends to the whole of Britain including Brexit!

Pink News reported that Simon Cowell had apologised to Rylan for the joke referring to the gay factor, and it seems that Rylan not only accepted the apology but felt it was not necessary.

There were lots of fans who were relieved to hear that Rylan had taken it all as a joke, as it seems many people thought it was quite funny banter and were not sure whether they should be offended or not.

It was good of Rylan to let it go and damp the fires caused by Simon Cowell's joke about sexual preferences, but fans are now concerned because there are rumours he may not stay with show. And it's got nothing to do with Simon Cowell - seems on Sunday, OK News TV wrote, "Rylan was not happy during Sunday's Xtra Factor and threatened to jump ship to BBC rival It 'Takes Two.'" This came after "voiceover guy Peter Dickson interrupted him to introduce show regular Roman Kemp." Rylan mentioned this was "the second week...he's had a voice-over." Perhaps that was just sarcasm and a joke too, but in the meantime fans can still tune intoXtra Factor Saturday and Sunday following the main show on ITV2.


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