A month ago, the cast of "Will & Grace" released a video on Youtube which consists of a mini-episode set in present days, where the whole cast is back in order to satirize and discuss the current election. This much-buzzed reunion obtained much praise, acclaim, and views. The internet was more than eager to watch more of the Will, Grace, Karen and Jack adventures. After weeks of speculation, now we have the official statement: NBC is considering a possible return.

'Will & Grace': a cult TV series

"Will and Grace" was an incredibleTV seriesthat ended in 2006, after 8 seasons. The Series finale aired on May 18th, 2006 and it obtained huge numbers:18.43 millions of viewers.

We are not used to reading of such incredible numbers. The TV series won 16 Emmy Awards and had83 nominations. The castMegan Mullaly, Debra Messing, Sean Haynes and Eric McCormackareso loved and praised. They became part of pop culture. The worldwide fandom is hugeand there are so many people who are raving for more episodes. "Will & Grace" ended after 194 episodes, but in the age of TV's resurrection, it's not enough.

'Will & Grace' take on the American elections

The special 10-minute mini-episode was released on Youtube during the night of the first presidential debate. The main protagonists Will, Grace, Karen, Jack along with Rosario got back on set and delivered an hilarious reunion.They discussedthe upcoming election, Katy Perry, Trump and it's perfect.

The video is an attempt to raise social awareness about the elections and to remember to people that each vote matters.

Revival news

Reports say that NBCis officially in talks to reboot their comedy, as The Hollywood Reporter confirms. They would likely go for a10-episode limited series revival.There are still no deals with the cast orcreators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, the latter of whom had the idea to do the September election-themed TV revival.

It's still not sure if there will be a bid between networks and streamng giants such as Netflix, or if it will NBC's exclusive. For now we are sure that the cast will likely come back: Eric McCormack and Debra Messing declared their absolute interest in returning as the couple of hilarious friends.

"Will & Grace" mini-episode

Have a look at the video of the September W&G reunion below:

Let's hope to hear the official statement soon. For now, let's enjoy the "Gilmore Girls" return and the incredible number of TV Series that are aired online, on cable TV and on broadcast networks.

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