It's not surprising for some fans, but Miley Cyrus is not returning to "The Voice" for next season. After her debut year this year, she has decided to take a year out. Instead, fans will see veteran coach Gwen Stefani return to the hot seat for season 12. However, this is not a permanent replacement. It turns out that Cyrus is only taking a year off and has said that she will return for season 13. NBC hasn't confirmed if this return is definite yet. There is still the possibility of Stefani or even Christina Aguilera returning.

Why has Miley Cyrus left 'The Voice'?

It's not really that surprising that Cyrus has decided to leave the show. The NBC production doesn't tend to have the best track record for getting females to stay on the show for recurring seasons. Coaches like Aguilera, Stefani, and others have alternated years now and then from the beginning of the show's conception. The female judges aren't the only ones to do this, but they are among the most common.

The decision to leave for a year isn't just because Cyrus wants to take a break.

There have been numerous rumors of arguments behind the scenes of "The Voice" between the young singer and original coach Adam Levine. Levine reportedly is annoyed by the singer/actress' loud mouth and annoying habits. It wasn't a secret that Cyrus' personality sometimes overshadowed the other three coaches on the show. Cyrus has reportedly been in tears regularly because of Levine's comments.

Where was Gwen Stefani this year?

Some fans of "The Voice" were shocked that 2016 saw the two new female coaches. It was usually the case that Aguilera and Stefani would alternate their years, but neither were able to come back for 2016. In the end, NBC was forced to make the decision to bring on a different judge for this year.

With Stefani coming back for the 2017 season, does that mean that Aguilera is completely out of the show?

There is no confirmation of this yet, and it is possible that NBC will decide to get the veteran coach back instead of Cyrus for 2018.Only time will tell over NBC's decision of "The Voice" coach line-up. For now it looks like Cyrus is out for season 12 and Stefani will replace her. Tune in for more "The Voice" 2016 on Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

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