The episode 60

The episode number 60 of the emblematic series "Dragon Ball Super" was really interesting, especially the end. In which we discovered the real Identity of Black and the new death in the series. Althought we think that truly Zamasu is in Goku’s body. In this chapter Toriyama showed us that althought Black has the real body of Goku and not a copy, as well as the mind of Zamasu, that is a version of Zamasu into Black body, coated by the Goku body. Now, Goku took Zamasu’s body to make himself like Black?

First, after the interchanging of his body and his mind with a new version of Goku, he removes Goku.


That is, Zamasu once became Black, with the Goku’s body, he deleted his own body with the mind. This is similar to what happened in the Namek Saga where the captain Ginyu change his body, however he could not eliminate the Saiyan raised on earth.

Zamasu, however, already become Black (Zamasu's mind, Goku's body) eliminating his body with the mind of Goku. However, there remains the big question; which version of Goku did Zamasu take to make Black? A fast answer tells us that there are two versions of Goku in the four temporal lines of the series.

One of them is that we all know, the last one would be in the famous line number four, in that all of them are still alive. For our side we dismiss the temporal lines where Goku died because it would not make sense that Zamasu asked to revive Goku to interchange the body and then kill him.

The special manga

Although, remember that the special manga explained how it was that Pilas and his band called the desire to return youth, where Goku just died in the other world (surely going to court Emma).


Our theory is that the body of Goku that Black has, before Zamasu travels to the future to meet another version of himself was changed with Zamasu by desire of the Super Dragon Ball. These events were held back when Bills destroyed Zamasu, who could not realize the plan.

Below, you can watch a YouTube video showing more information: