As previously reported byBlasting News, Jenelle Evans, her fiance' David Eason and her mom Barbara were supposed to be on a new reality TV show on WEtv that is like VH1's "Family Bootcamp."They had all signed contracts and were all set to begin filming this month. Then Jenelle announced her pregnancy. Supposedly this caused WEtv to drop her from the new show and the threats began. Jenelle vowed to sue WEtv for not honoring their contract with her, David and mom Barbara, but it can't be confirmed if she has followed through or not.

Farrah and her dad are set to begin filming

It seems that WEtv has been busy looking for a "Teen Mom" to replace Jenelle in the new series. According toThe Ashley, Farrah's dad Michael has announced that he will be going to Los Angeles with his daughter to begin filming a new show. Apparently it is something that is a new concept. Either way, Michael says the he and Farrah will be virtually sequestered for a few weeks during the filming.

Who was the second choice of WEtv?

This announcement comes at the same time as Amber Portwood takes toTwitterto reveal that she was approached by WEtv to take Jenelle's spot on the new reality show.

Amber declined, however, because she is still healing from plastic surgery. She also said that she isn't interested in doing more reality shows in order to increase her fame, unlike another "Teen Mom" that is allegedly always seeking more fame. She retweeted a tweet by a fan pointing out that Farrah was choice number three.

As for the new show on WEtv, MTV had no problem with Jenelle doing the show and had given their blessing.

There is no reports yet if that same blessing was extended to Farrah but it probably was. There seemed to be no conflict in the taping of the two shows so "Teen Mom" wouldn't be negatively impacted in any way.

Bothof the "Teen Mom" girls could benefit from the filming of this new show. It was leaked during the summer that the star and her family will receive on-camera counseling to help them cope with issues.

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