The third week of this Fall season has begun, but let's focus on the latest results of TV shows that aired last Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday.

ABC is still in trouble

The Disney's network is still struggling. Without "Scandal", TGIT doesn't shine. Grey's is the only huge hit: in its second week the show had an incredible 2.4. "How to Get Away with Murder" dipped to 1.3, and Notorius had just a 1.0. How to Get Away revealed the first survivor: Oliver. I didn't see that coming. Sundays aren't better: "Once Upon a Time" had just a 1.1, "Quantico" kept its 1.0 but the second season of "Secret & Lies" obtained a poor 0.9.

"Conviction" started with a mere 0.9 and 5.07 millions of viewers on Monday: the "Castle"'s absence is relevant. Have a look at "Grey's Anatomy" 13x03 promo:

"How to Get Away with Murder" 's third season is getting juicier and hotter. This is the HTGAWM 3x03 preview:

FOX's latest Sunday is boosted by Football

While "The Exorcist" obtained another disappointing outing (0.6), at least last Sunday some TV shows went up: "Son of Zorn" obtained a 1.6, and "Last Man on Earth" ticked up to a 1.0 and 2.50 millions.

NBC and CBS are still delivering

While ABC and FOX can't catch a break, at least NBC and CBS are getting positive outings."Timeless" started with a 1.8, apretty good result. CBS' "Madame Secretary" returned with a 1.1, on par with "The Good Wife" previous results.

"Macgyver" is sliding: the show lost 0.4 on Friday, the third season of "Scorpion" started with a 1.5 and "The Big Bang Theory" returned with a 3.5. They are lower than last year, but CBS will be happy all the same. "Timeless" has a good pilot: the cast is solid and the plot intruiguing. The ending left me wanting for more.

"The Voice" is still performing on par with last season: the latest episode obtained a huge 3.0 and 11.78 million viewers. The episode was full of incredible moments. we just can't get enough of the blind auditions. Don't miss "Timeless" 1x02 promo:

'Westworld' opens solidly

"Westworld" started with a great result: 1.96 million watched the premiere with a 0.8 in the 18/49 ratings, and it had a cumulative 3.3 millions viewers across the various platforms.

It's better than "The Night Of" and its result is in line with "True Detective". Have a look at "Westworld" 1x02 preview:

That's it: another week of TV ratings, so much to discuss. Don't miss the follow-up article with the latest results in this bleak TV season.

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