Wendy Williams has been back on television with her show for Season 8 for a couple of weeks now. She came back in time to talk about lots of things during her "Hot Topics" segment. She has been dishing on Celebrities all week, so on Friday, September 30 she took time out to dish on herself. Since Friday was National Chewing Gum Day,the "tell-it-like-you-mean-it" talk show host admitted something to members in her studio audience that made them gasp.

Wendy swallows chewing gum

The 52-year-old admitted that there is nothing better than chewing gum especially when the juice fills her mouth.

Just before all the juice goescompletely out of it, she swallows it. After admitting to this childlike act, she turned to her audience and accused them of doing the same thing. She said she has always swallowed itbecause it tastes so. good as it slides down her throat.

Wendy and Alfonso Ribeirocompete

Wendy's guest was Alfonso Ribeiro who is a fun-loving guy. He agreed to Wendy's challenge to see who could chew the most gum at a time. Before the contest began, Alfonso gave a few statistics about gum.

He stated that the average person chews about 300 pieces per year. He said he chews about 4-6 pieces per day. Wendy mentionedthatalmost everyone loves it; however, Oprah Winfrey doesn't like it at all.

The video below shows how the 45-year-old host of ABC's "America's Funniest Home Videos" went head-to-head with Wendy in a gum ball challenge. It was quite hilarious at times. The audience got in on the act by yelling to both celebrities to chew when they missed a question.

At the end of the game, Wendy told everyone in the audience they were going home with a gum ball machine.

National Chewing Gum Day

National Chewing Gum Day was not only celebrated on the "Wendy Williams Show." It was mentioned on several other occasions as well. TheAmerican Dental Association got in on the act by reminding people that chewing gum increases the flow of saliva in a person's mouth. Chewing gum after eating is especially good because it can help prevent tooth decay by ridding the mouth of acids.

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