"Supergirl" returned on Monday night, but to a completely new network. After a year of being on CBS, the reins were handed over to the CW network. It just so happens that CBS is the parent network of the CW, a network made for teenage and young adult viewers mostly. There were many debates over whether this was the right move. The ratings were too low for CBS, but could the younger network pull it all off?

The CW got record-breaking viewing figures

Well, it looks like the move to the CW was the best thing "Supergirl" could have done. The ratings were record-breaking for the network, even beating the premiere of "The Flash," which is one of the network's strongest contenders.

The network pulled in 3.024 million viewers for the season 2 premiere. This was the best number of viewers since "Gossip Girl" back in 2008!

Not just that but the ratings for the 18-49-year-olds (the networks main demographic) were at 1.1 million, which was the best since "90210" six years ago. It also took the highest adult 18-34-year-old rating since "Gossip Girl" in 2011, with 0.9 million. When "Supergirl" is compared to "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," which premiered on the network at the same time on the same date last year, the views more than tripled. It suggests that "Supergirl" is the best thing to happen to the network.

More male viewers to the network thanks to 'Supergirl'

We can't forget that there were more male viewers for "Supergirl" season 2.

It was the third most watched show for men in this time slot.Just why did this happen? There are theories that it has a lot to do with the introduction of Superman. There's no secret that fans have wondered when Superman--also known as Clark Kent--would show up. It was confirmed earlier in the summer that this would be the season, and the promo trailers couldn't help but hype this appearance.

Will this mean "Supergirl's" viewing figures will drop when Superman leaves? Only time will tell. If that does happen, the writers will know what they can change to get the figures back up.

Did you watch the "Supergirl" season 2 premiere on Monday night? What did you think? Don't forget to tune in to the show on Mondays at 8pm on the CW.

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