"Walking Dead" fans, there is something strange going down online the past couple of days, things that are playing with fans' minds! Just today new video footage has surfaced and it has fans in a tizzy! The footage has not been officially confirmed as legit, but it for sure has millions rethinking their thoughts on Negan's Lucille victim(s)!

Gamechanger revealed? It is getting crazy for 'Walking Dead' fans!

Possible spoilers are revealed below, turn back, or join the madness! The video was shared on a popular spoiler site and while some things appear to be legit, some things are also a little off.

The great debate following the release of the video is going to for sure be an all-nighter for tons of fans!

The video appears to show that Negan kills...Maggie! Yes, that is right, and if this information is accurate, then just about every "Walking Dead" fan across the globe is in for a giant shocker! Let's think this out now. Writers stated that they did film Negan kill scenes with all of the cast, so it is possible that this is unused footage, but regardless, if so, someone has breached!

Who is killed? AMC and 'Walking Dead' writers enjoying the ride?

It has also been stated that the story is about to take a "hard left turn" and this could be it, maybe Maggie is one of Negan's kill victims, and Glenn and Maggie's stories will be exchanged leaving Glenn to become the important Hilltop leader?

Or, is everyone wrong believing that in the end, Rick and Carl will be the last men standing, and in the end, it will be everyone's favorite pizza delivery boy Glenn? He has come so far, it may not be entirely out of the question.

Remember, it was suggested a couple of weeks ago that Maggie's ring was spotted in the blood and gore aftermath.

Who really knows at this point, but the next 24-hours are going to be nerve-wracking, to say the least!Can we expect videos of the rest of the deaths filmed to be trickling out all night until theSunday, October 23rd premiere at 9 p.m.?

One more tidbit, spoiler site heads claim they are standing by their original predictions, but are looking into this new information.

Even they have a tiny bit of doubt? Remember this is not confirmed news, so take this video and info at that for now. We would love to hear your thoughts on this one, does this change anything for you?

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