The "Walking Dead" head honchos have just released another teaser clip for AMC's "The Walking Dead" season 7 entitled "Right Hand Man." Many fans are now worried that Rick may also suffer a terrible fate come Sunday, October 23rd when the popular zombie drama makes its return to television. This new clip, FYI looks almost as terrifying as what we all know is to come when Negan's kill victim (or two) is finally revealed.

New 'TWD' clip leaves fans worried about Rick!

In the new clip, Negan is nose to nose with a blood-splattered Rick.

The scene takes place shortly after the kills, as Negan is still swinging around a very blood-covered Lucille. Poor Rick looks absolutely terrified and distraught over the events that have recently taken place.

The horrific event that all "Walking Dead" fans have been talking about, trying to figure out and completely fearing for the past six months. In just a few short weeks all of our questions will be answered, and we will be facing our worst fears head on just like Rick and the group, and without a darn thingwe can do about it!

As previously reported a couple of weeks ago, what appear to be leaked photos of Negan's Lucille victims were released, to say the least they were pretty gruesome. The poster claimed that at least one of the pictures was released by the same person who leaked Carl's missing eye photo beforehand -- it's safe to assume the photos are the real deal.

No one can say 100 percent at this point but fans are getting busy making huge plans for October 23rd's arrival.

Super fans are planning viewing parties, celebrations, and sadly even a few are planning memorials for those of our friends who do not make it past Negan's killer club Lucille. At this point it seems that "Walking Dead" fans are looking more forward to AMC's debut than Halloween this year.

Have we been wrong about Negan all along?

What you can expect is plenty of tears shed on October 23rd, and from the looks of the clip, Negan will be bringing the surviving group members more and more to fear as the weeks move on.

The look on Rick's face is enough to break your heart, he definitely looks broken. Despite his fear, he does step up and warn Negan of his future plans, plans he has made to kill Negan. Not today, or tomorrow, but soon.

We do believe as broken as Rick is he will keep his word, after all, Rick is nothing if he is not at least a man of his word. Just how long it will take him and the rest of the group to re-coop from Negan's vicious murder spree remains unknown, but we believe when Rick does come for Negan for revenge it will outdo Negan's crimes tenfold. Let the "Walking Dead" season 7 debut countdown begin!

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