Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who stars as the newest villain Negan on the AMC hit show "The Walking Dead" most recent radio interview left some fans a little irritated after he referred to them as idiots when it comes to all the complaining that they have been doing about the Season 6 cliffhanger finale.

JDM fans lose respect for actor?

It has been a long six-plus months between seasons for fans and cast members as well, and it has to have gotten really old very fast being questioned 24/7 about Negan's Lucille victim (s.) Even the most even-keeled would have to lose it at some point. It looks as if Jeffrey Dean Morgan's time may have come.

Jeffrey, not directing the remark to anyone, just told everyone to "shut the f*** up," when it comes to all the griping about how the season ended last spring. As far as spoiling sites are concerned Morgan does not appear to be a fan of them either stating that "not everyone wants to know."

Today, some of the less-thicker skinned fans are now complaining about Morgan's latest remarks by saying that they have lost respect for him following the interview. The radio interviewer stated to Morgan that the Season 6 finale 12-minutes were the most intense he believes he has ever experienced with any television show.

Morgan laughed and replied that that was "Nothing," just wait for the "Walking Dead " Season 7 opener!

From the recent trailer released over the past weekend at NYC's Comic-Con, we would have to agree with him! The scene with Negan and Rick facing off is just gut wrenching and extremely terrifying!

"Walking Dead" fans will be amazed with Season 7 opener!

Thenew trailerhas opened up a brand new heated debate!

After viewing the trailer some fans are now second guessing every conclusion and spoiler info they have come to believe over the past months. For months fans have argued about whether it would be Glenn who would die, as in the comics, or someone entirely unexpected.

Popular spoiler sites who have a reputation for being fairly accurate in their predictions confirmed that there would be two deaths in the opener, first Abe, and then Glenn.

The news was hard for most to handle at first, but the majority soon learned to accept the information, that is, until this past weekend when the new trailer was released!

Now, thousands upon thousands of fans are having second thoughts after a few details in the clip were spotted, or thought to be spotted. When the camera moves to a scene of the ground where the brutal beating has taken place in the pile of guts and gore it appears to some that a wedding ring is spotted, Maggie's ring.

Don't fret just yet, some have also claimed that Darryl is in jeopardy since his blanket is seen on the ground, some have seen Abe's mustache in the mess. A new theory has also been added into the mix that has stated that it is not Maggie's ring they are seeing, but Glenn's pocket watch that was given to him by Hershel.

Are your heads spinning yet? If so then it looks as thoughAMC has arrived at their number one goal all along, to mess with fans heads by keeping them confused, unsure, and in the dark all along. At this point all we can offer "Walking Dead" fans is in less than two weeks we will all have the answers, whether they are the ones we want or not will be revealed on Sunday, October 23rd.

It is not as if we haven't been warned all along right? So get your plans made, snacks and Kleenex in place and get ready for one intense and brutal ride!

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