"Walking Dead" fans of Daryl Dixon can breathe a sigh of relief, that is for now, anyway. Thanks to Fox International releasing the "Walking Dead" Season 7 episode two promo trailer we can all rest assured that it is confirmed: Dixon is going to make it past the first episode, past that we will have to wait and see. The promo trailer also answers some other very important questions that have been weighing on fans minds about a few other characters.

Fox International relieves 'TWD' fan's fears about DarylDixon!

Spoilers revealed in the video below, so proceed with caution, or not at all depending as to just how much information you are willing to go into Sunday night's premiere with, or without.

Over the past weeks, there have been multiple reports reportedly revealing just what it is fans can expect to seetomorrow night. Deaths are obvious, but they have been described not only by the spoiler sites, but the cast, as well as the darkest, goriest and most brutal that we have yet to experience in all of our time devoted to the show yet. Yikes!

Are 'TWD' fans really ready for what they will encounter Sunday night?

We are just a little over 24-hours away from the television eventfans have been agonizing over for the past several months, the Season 7 premiere. Fans are now prepping themselves, physically, and emotionally for Sunday night. Viewing parties have been planned, one large city is even broadcasting the premiere on the big screen at their local theater.

But, for most, the event will be taking place in their own homes, or homes of family and friends. Food, snacks, and drinks have been planned. However, one of the most important preparations according to the sites will be to have yourself prepared emotionally and mentally for the dark, and violent road we are about to travel down in Season 7.

There was also a very lively discussion among fans in one Facebook group as to whether or not they would be allowing their younger children to watch the show. Opinions varied among parents, many stated they would be watching with their children, some as young as 4-years-old claiming that they have explained to their children that what they see on TV is not real.Despite that, even a lot of adults have been battling their own feelings about the upcoming show pretty much since the season six finale.

But, this is a personal parental choice on this one as everyone has been warned as to what to expect.

Okay, now that we are only hours away, what plans have you made, and how are you feeling about what "Walking Dead" fans are about to encounter?

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