For years, Uwe Boll has been regarded as one of the worst directors to work in modern film, with his video game adaptations being among his most infamous work. His adaptations only strengthened the idea that a good video game film couldn't be made, and given films like "Alone in the Dark" and "House of the Dead," it's easy to see why. And despite the critical and financial failures, he continued churning out film after film, but not anymore, it seems.

Themarket is gone

In an interview with Toronto's Metro News, Boll revealed that his latest film, "Rampage: President Down," will also be his final film.

He was quoted in the interview saying "the market is dead, you don't make money on Movies because the DVD and Blu-Ray sales have dropped 80% in the last three years. That's the real reason; I just can't afford to make movies anymore."

This statement is made even more evident when Boll explains that many of his films from the last ten years were self-financed.

Uwe vs. the world

He has attributed his losses to the panning critics have given his films in the past, and has blasted critics for their treatment of his films.

When interviewed in the past about his films, especially by critics, he tended to have a hostile tone towards them because of their views on his films. He even earned the the nicknameRaging Boll because of his open challengefor critics to fight him in a boxing match. Four answered the challenge and Boll beat all four of them. He also tended to go after studio-driven films, knocking "The Avengers" and "Jason Bourne" during the course of this interview.

Perhaps his most infamous stunt took place last year, when he released an expletive- filledvideo after his third project failed on crowdsourcing sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter.

This doesn't mean all bad things for Boll, though. Last year, Boll opened a Germanrestaurant, called Bauhaus, in Vancouver that has been praised by food critics since opening.He does hope, though, that people go back and rewatch his films from the last ten years and give them the attention he feels they deserve because they "said a point about things."

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