Twitter appears to be in some serious trouble at the moment, after news that Google refused to bid on the company broke out in the mainstream media. This lack of interested buyers is having a substantial impact on the company’s net worth, and in order to truly understand the scope of the problem, it is best to compare twitter to Weibo, its Chinese clone.

Weibo might be the new Twitter

Chinese social networking giant Weibo has been growing rapidly in the market, but no one could have expected to see it overtake Twitter in terms of net worth. Weibo’s current market cap is at an impressive 11.35 billion dollars, while Twitter is reeling at 11.34 billion dollars.

You can notice Twitter’s true diminished value when you compare the valuations made in 2014. At that point, Weibo stood at 3.4 billion dollars, while Twitter was far ahead with 26.8 billion dollars.

Drop in users

There are many reasons why Twitter has been losing a stake in the market, one of which is the lack of an interested buyer after Twitter decided to go public about being purchased. The buyers aren’t exactly lining up because the social networking behemoth has been hemorrhaging active users in the past year.

In just a single year, Twitter has managed to lose a staggering 5 million active users, while Weibo has managed to attract over 70 million active users during the same period. Twitter’s overall user base stands at 313 million at the moment, while Weibo is close behind with 282 million users.

Weibo’s rise is even more impressive when you consider the fact that Twitter was founded in 2006, but Weibo entered the market a full three years later.


A lot of active Twitter users are now deeply concerned with the state of their favorite social media platform, and a new hashtag – Save Twitter, has been doing the rounds on the platform.

Twitter itself has tried to bring about many changes in order to make itself more appealing to new users, but the likes of Snapchat and Instagram are gaining ground at a frightening pace. It will be interesting to see if the social media giant shows some fight during this troubling period, or will it fade away into technological history.

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