"The Voice" is a two-time Emmy Award-winning reality series that provides opportunities for many hopefuls across the country. Some incredible talent gets discovered through the show, the blind auditions and help from the excellent professional coaches. Season 11 for the first time presents two female coaches, Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys, for a more intriguing year as they join returning coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Onehighlight of the show includes the morale among the coaches, especially the rapport between Blake and Adam.

The love or hate relationship between two coaches

Flipping the channels to view "The Voice" often results ineither a joking feud or a humorous affection between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Rumors have been aired since 2011 that the two coaches were in dispute over several issues in their lives, but their reactions on the show keep viewers guessing and wondering.

Before their divorce, rumors were flying regarding the impending separation that was false at the time. In the midst of the “stories,” Blake and Adam’s relationship developed into what was termed a “bromance.” Of course, social media used these findings to claim that the gentlemen were in a feud.

E! News at the time boasted that Adam might have a new BFF on "The Voice."

The National Enquirer is often famous for broadcasting stories that may or may not be truthful, once stating that a feud exists because Adam felt Blake was flirting with his wife regularly. Adam supposedlysaid that “Shelton would still be married if he wasn’t always chasing skirts.” However, it has been revealed that rumor was a total untruth!

The stars are great friends on and off the show.

Memorable moments between Levine and Shelton

It’s hard for anyone watching "The Voice" not to love the relationship between all the coaches, especially Shevine."The funny and memorable antics between the two make for a great must-see reality show twice weekly. Who can’t remember such moments as when Blake sassed Adam (which seems often), the infamous hug on the air, numerous kisses between the two, when Adam sat on Blake’s lap, Adam calling Blake one of his best friends, stating if he weren’t a singer, he’d want to be Blake Shelton, the many zingers they throw at each other and so much more.

No, the "Shevine" are not feuding nor in a heated bromance but are just great friends providing good entertainment.

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