Donald Trump was mortified when CNN's Dana Bash approached him in the lobby of his own Washington D.C. hotel and questioned his work ethics on the campaign trail. Bash was referring to Trump taking an hour off to attend the grand opening of his latest hotel.

Trump was there to show his support to his daughter Ivanka for overseeing this accomplishment and coming in under budget and opening before the slated date. Instead Bash seemed to twist the question to sound as if Trump was ignoring his campaign to gloat over his personal business.


What's good for the goose is not good for the gander? 

That didn't sit well with Trump who was at his hotel on Wednesday afternoon. Bash asked the GOP candidate what he would say to the folks who question him taking time off from campaigning in the swing states to do this with election day so close. After eight campaign stops on Tuesday and several more scheduled after he left the hotel Trump told her what he thought! He told her that she was being rude questioning his work ethics after all the campaigning he has done in the past weeks.


Hillary gets free pass

Trump told Bash that Hillary does one campaign stop and goes home to nap, but she's somehow given a pass. On the other hand, he does several campaign stops every day for weeks and Bash questions him about an hour off to attend the grand opening of his new Pennsylvania Avenue hotel? He told her she had insulted him with that question. 

Curvy couch folks all for Trump

While "Fox and Friends" Thursday morning reported on this incident, the folks on the curvy couch were outright indignant at the gall of Bash.

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Donald Trump

It appeared she attempted to make Trump look like he was being selfish by stepping off the campaign trail to gloat over a personal business accomplishment.

The hotel is often referred to as "Ivanka's baby," reports the hosts on "Fox and Friends" and Trump was there supporting his daughter's mammoth feat. The grand opening of his latest hotel had many meanings for the GOP candidate, but most of all it was about Ivanka's hard work turning into a success. He was there for the ribbon cutting ceremony and he felt like he deserved to be there, according to Politico.

What about Hillary's Adele concert?

Bash's odd line of questioning baffled Trump who lambasted the main-stream media for all the wonderful coverage given to Hillary for going to an Adele concert. He goes to one ribbon cutting ceremony for an hour out of his 20-hour work day and he gets the shaft from the main-stream media. His friends at Fox were with Trump all the way. The "Fox and Friends" crew saw Trump as not getting a fair shake over the massive amount of work he has done during his campaign to the White House.


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