Tori Spelling has officially confirmed that she is pregnant with her 5th child with husband of ten years Dean McDermott. The couple recently celebrated their 10th-anniversary, and reveal they are thrilled about the news. Spelling, 43, and McDermott, 49, already share a rather large family consisting of children Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 5, and Finn, age 4.

Tori Spelling finances are still a mess

The former "Beverly Hills 90210" star spoke with People claiming that she and Dean were "totally surprised" with the fifth pregnancy, but that they were cool with it considering that they have always wanted a huge family.

Wish granted there,Tori! This is not the first time Tori has revealed that she and Dean were surprised with a pregnancy, she also reveals baby number four, Liam took them by surprise also. Tori stated that Dean stated that they were on their way to being the "Brady Bunch." Could this be a hint for a new reality television show for the family?

Tori and Dean's life together has been far from easy for the family. Throughout the years they have been troubled with Dean's cheating scandal, trips to therapy, and financial troubles galore.

Just recently it was reported that Tori was being sued for $38,000 for an unpaid credit card debt.

Surprise, Tori and Dean family news revealed!

Despite all the family's very public issues, Spelling states that adding to the family is a "blessing," claiming she and Dean are very happy about the baby's upcoming arrival and that they are more in love than ever, calling this time in their lives a "new relationship."

Luckily for Tori, she seems to have moved on from the couple's nasty past issues, hopefully that will last and the couple can get the financial house in order.

Spelling has also suffered many difficult health issues throughout her previous pregnancies. So it is now wondered by many fans just why Tori, given her age, would even attempt to put herself through another risky pregnancy?

At this time we wish Tori, Dean, and family nothing but good health and happiness as they prepare for the arrival of their newest family member. At this time the McDermotts do not know the sex of their newest family member, but stay tuned, as soon as they know we are sure it will be announced to all.

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