When there are cameras following you practically 24/7, there are bound to be some humiliating things that turn up. But what about when celebrities have an embarrassing moment while they are actually performing? It suddenly becomes a whole lot more interesting.Here’s a video of the top 10 viral celebrity fails of all-time, with a play-by-play breakdown of each one.

Celebrities’ most embarrassing moments

Katy Perry cake fiasco

Someone had the brilliant idea to give Katy Perry a gigantic pink frosted cake to perform with/on at the MTV Music Awards, broadcast on live television. It looked pretty silly (but let’s be honest, not any sillier than shooting whipped cream from her breasts in the California Girls music video), but the best part comes later: she’s covered in pink frosting to the point where she literally can’t walk across the stage without face planting.

J-Law trips and falls at the Oscars

We love Jennifer Lawrence, but maybe her gown at the 2013 Academy Awards was a bit ambitious. On her way up the stairs to accept her award, she tripped and fell. She had a great sense of humor about it, though.

Weird drips down Christina Aguilera’s leg

Christina Aguilera was performing at an Etta James tribute event, and was part of the way through a gorgeous rendition of “At Last” when we can see a strange brown liquid dripping down her legs. Ew? What on earth could that be?

Beyonce’s hair vs. fan

Not an overexcited fan of hers like you might expect, but those huge fans that are always nearby to blow her hair. Gotta hand it to her, she kept going like a trooper while her assistants tried to get her hair untangled from that very large fan.

Lightweight Justin Bieber pukes onstage


Janet Jackson’s “nip slip”

Everyone remembers this Super Bowl gem. Justin Timberlake said it was an accident, but I’m not so sure.

John Travolta gets majorly tongue tied

“Idina Menzel." It doesn’t seem that complicated, but when Travolta tried to pronounce the award-winning Broadway actress’ name, it came out more like: “Atela Tahzeem." Nice one.

Ashlee Simpson caught red-handed

The music started early, and Ashlee’s vocals started playing without her singing. Oops, caught red-handed lip syncing on SNL. But maybe the most embarrassing moment here is the weird ho-down dance she did when it happened?

Madonna almost loses it at the Super Bowl

Madonna nearly falls off the back of some pretty high bleachers during her performance.

Christina’s mystery liquid solved..kind of

Remember that weird brown liquid? Apparently it was spray tan.

Video: 10 worst celebrity fails of all-time

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