Tommy Ford has died. The actor best known for his role in the hit 90s sitcom "Martin" died in an Atlanta hospital after suffering an aneurysm in his abdomen over the weekend. Ford was admitted to the hospital on Sunday and later placed on life support as his condition continued to rapidly decline.

Tommy Ford added to list of celebrity deaths of 2016

Ford's wife Gina told celebrity news site TMZ that Tommy's doctors had advised the family to prepare for the worsttoday giving him only hours to live.

Ford was surrounded by his family and friends who spent his final hours gathered in prayer at his bedside after making the hard decision to discontinue the life support system.

The American Heart Association states that an aneurysm occurs after a portion of an artery wall weakens, allowing the artery to swell and eventually burst. Tommy Ford's death was confirmed by his representative Joy Pervis via statement to NBC. Along with family members at his side was also former "Martin" co-star Tichina Arnold, who played Tommy's girlfriend Pam on the series.

She reportedly dropped everything to be at her friend's side. Arnold was not the only "Martin" cast member present, the entire cast reportedly flew to Atlanta to say their final goodbyes.

Fans mourn Tommy Ford's passing on social media

Ford starred along good pal Martin Lawrence and cast members through the series entire 5-year-run. Tommy's acting credits include appearances on "New York Undercover," "The Parkers," and "The Jamie Foxx Show." Along with a successful acting career, Ford was also an accomplished author penning four children's books promoting violence and drug-free lifestyles.

Before taking suddenly ill, Ford, 52, was currently involved in filming a documentary. He was also continuing his recovery after having a knee replacement surgery in September sharing each step with his fans on his official social media page.Memorial service arrangements will be announced at a later time. Ford is survived by his wife, Gina Sasso.

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