Tom Brady doesn't mince his words and he doesn't say any at all when it comes to Donald Trump these days. One reporter found out how easily it is to get Brady to end a press conference, just ask him about Donald Trump's latest vile video scandal.

Question for 'dad' Tom Brady.

Perhaps it is the way the reporter presented the question that got Brady to immediately excuse himself and walk away. The question wasn't appealing to Brady, who is a good friend of Donald Trump. The reporter asked Tom Brady  the dad to answer the question.


"How would you respond if your kids heard Donald Trump's version of locker room talk?"

Brady likes Trump.

Brady became friends with Donald Trump even before the real estate mogul announced that he is running for president. However, it was a comment about Trump possibly running for president that started Brady and Trump's friendship. Last year someone asked Tom Brady what he thought about a possible Trump presidency.

Brady answered that he "hopes so." He said putting Trump in the White House would be "great" and if this did come true, he joked that they would install a putting green on the lawn of the White House.


A quiet Trump supporter?

While he never fully threw his support out there for Trump, he has been know to sport his "Make America Great Again" Trump hat around the locker room. Brady, who sat out the four game suspension handed down to him this season, plays his second game this week. The reporter asked the question that made Brady disappear from the podium prior to the second game.

Gentleman Tom.

Brady might be tough on the field, but he's a gentleman off the field.


When that question was presented to him, he smiled and excused himself without offer a disparaging word or so much as a rude glance. Heck, he didn't even roll his eyes, he was just a gentleman through and through. How about a Tom Brady for president campaign?                                                                                                                       

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