The team head to WWII Germany in an effort to stop Flynn in "Party at Castle Varlar." While there, they happen to cross paths with Ian Fleming,the man behind James Bond.

The mission

The mission is a little unclear as the episode begins, largely because Lucy isn’t sure what to do. What the team knowsis that Flynn made his way to Germany on December 9, 1944, right when the Germans believe they’re about to win the war. With Flynn and his team having the components for an atomic bomb, the fear is that he might give Germany the edge.

Lucy believes the team’s best bet is to try out a bar in Germany that may be a meeting place for those who support The Allies.

Of course,there aren’t reliable historical accounts, so the group is walking headfirst into danger, but they should be used to that by now, right?

WWII era Germany

UsingNazi Germany isn’t really anything new for anyone who watches a show or a movie involving time travel. "Doctor Who" has done it, "Legends of Tomorrow" has done, and that’s only in the last few years. If your show is heading to WWII era Germany, you’ve got to find a way to make it unique. In this case, “Timeless” has Ian Fleming, the man who penned the original James Bond novels.

Wyatt, as it turns out, is a big James Bond fan. He’s read Fleming’s novels, and is more starstruck meeting Fleming than Lucy was meeting Abraham Lincoln.

This episode is set eight years before Fleming would write his first James Bond story. He’s an inspired choice to make this episode stand out.

Who lives and dies

Wyatt is ready to shoot Flynn, but Wernher von Braun gets in the way. The scientist would eventually turn for the Allies and help create the space program, so Lucy thinks they can’t risk killing him.

Wyatt thinks someone who aids the Nazis deserves to see punishment instead of rewards.

This argument comes up every episode, but every episode, there’s a new reason to explore the idea. “Timeless” is doing a great job at keeping itfresh every time it’s made instead of rehashing the exact same things.

Flynn always knows what’s next

Lucy and Fleming are all set to nab von Braun but Flynn intercepts them while Rufus and Wyatt are outside, ready to provide backup. It doesn’t take long after speaking with Flynn for Lucy to realize that he plans to hand von Braun over to the Soviets, changing the tide of the future Cold War.

Of course, Flynn maintains that he’s a patriot. She thinks that he’s delusional because she can’t find anything to indicate Rittenhouse’s existence. This argument between them is going to getold if there isn’t new information revealed soon about Flynn orRittenhouse.

Rufus and Wyatt and Lucy to the rescue

Just after Lucy and Fleming have been caught by soldiers as a result of Flynn’s meddling, Rufus sets up an explosion to serve as a distraction while Wyatt takes out the soldiers holding them captive.

Once the trio are reunited with Fleming and have von Braun in tow, it’s Lucy who remembers there are secret passages in the castle, leading them to safety.

The climax sequence of the episode, with each team member playing a part, is the perfect example for why a soldier, a scientist, or a historian couldn’t be sent on a mission like this alone. They each play a very important role in figuring a way out of their problems.

The job is about to get harder

Rufus doesn’t want to spy on his teammates for his boss anymore, but Connor and Rittenhouse aren’t taking that lightly. Rufus doesn’t get far before the threats start.

Flynn's time machine, with its brand new battery, is now portable. If he doesn't have to plug in and charge up, he becomes a whole lot harder to track.

The verdict

Party at Castle Varlar” provided a fresh spin on a WWII time travel story with the introduction of Ian Fleming. Especially amusing were all the little nods to James Bond made by Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt that undoubtedly gave Fleming some ideas.

3 out of 5 stars.

Net week

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