After their time in WWII era Germany last week, the “Timeless” team heads to one of the biggest standoffs in American history for what is supposed to be Wyatt’s last mission. As a soldier who is supposed to get rid of Flynn, he hasn’t delivered, but he’s ready for one last shot at The Alamo.

The mission

Four days before the revolutionary events at The Alamo, Flynn turns up wanting to quash the rebellion before it can even become a revolution. He speeds up the entire process, bringing soldiers to face off against families and murdering a revolutionary leader while Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus become trapped inside and have to find a way to preserve history and get home.

Lucy doesn’t have all the answers

In a smart move for the show, Lucy gets a case of writer’s block. The team knows that there won’t be the rallying cry of “remember the Alamo” without this letter being published - the letter that remains unwritten because its writer was killed. While Wyatt tells Lucy to write the letter and for Rufus to search for a way out historians might not have known about, Lucy freezes up. She’s so stuck on the details that she doesn’t remember what’s supposed to be in the letter.

It’s important for Lucy to have these gaps in her knowledge and to freeze up once in awhile. She might be a historian, but not every historian can memorize every moment in history, no matter how fascinated they are by it.

This is Wyatt’s episode

Not only does Wyatt get right to the point when the group reaches their destination, but he has no interest in cover stories anymore. While this might seem to be the result of him knowing he’s already lost his job, it’s actually more a result of The Alamo reminding him of his own military experience.

We get a little Wyatt backstory here as it turns out that Wyatt received a medal only because he was the only man in his unit to survive. The group of seven were pinned down, and one of them had to deliver sensitive material. Wyatt got a coin toss and everyone else died as they covered his escape. It’s heartbreaking as he essentially relives that experience at The Alamo and gets another young man to do the same.

When the group is able to escape through the aqueduct, thanks to Rufus being smarter than anyone in else in The Alamo, Rufus and Lucy refuse to continue their work without Wyatt. They might not know everything in his military past, but they rely on him to keep them alive, and they both trust him, and that’s gratifying to see.

Who is Lucy’s father

I can’t be the only one curious. Her mother won’t even tell her the man’s name, though she did just give her a piece of paper that includes it. The running theory is that he’s someone in Rittenhouse, which is why Lucy got this job in the first place, right?

My personal favorite though is that Flynn is actually Lucy’s father. It would explain how he ended up with a journal full of her notes that she has yet to write, why her mother is being so secretive about her father, and just why he doesn’t seem to want to talk about the family he lost, though he’s more than willing to talk to Lucy every time he encounters her on a mission.

Besides, there’s got to be a reason we’re seeing this build up of suspense.

The verdict

The Alamo” gives the audience a humanizing look at a massive historical event, giving us a modern touchstone to equate it to, and with the addition of Wyatt’s backstory, it’s a near perfect episode.

4 out of 5 stars.

Next week

The group travels through time to 1972 and take on "The Watergate Tape."

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