"This Is Us" premiered on NBC on September 20, and the new series has become very popular. The show continues to keep viewers interested with a lot of twists and turns. Those who have been watching the drama since its first episode know that the series cannot be watched like any other television series. In order to understand the storyline of each episode, fans much know certain information in advance.

How to watch 'This Is Us'

It is important to know something that was revealed at the end of thefirst episode. Jack takes hiswife, Rebecca, to the hospital to deliver triplets. One of the triplets was stillborn.

While Jack looks through the nursery window at his other two babies, a fireman stands beside him. During the conversation, the fireman reveals that he is not the father of the baby he is looking at. He brought the baby to the hospital after the boy was abandoned at the fire station.

Since Jack and Rebecca went to the hospital expecting to bring home three babies, they took home the African-American baby and bring him up along with their two biological babies. That's why they are all 36-years-old and have the same birthday. The unexpected twists are easy to understand when you know that unlike most shows, "This Is Us" covers differenttime periods. The show has stories about the three children as they are growing up, as well as stories about them as adults in the present day.

The grown children

The grown children have their individual struggles. For instance, the baby left at the fire station located his biological father only to find that his father is dying of cancer. Randall brings his father home so he can get to know his grandchildren before he dies. It is revealed in a flashback that airs in the next episode that the baby who had been left at the fire station is a genius.

However, while growing up with his siblings, Randall pretended not to know things just so he could fit in with them.

The adult daughter, Kate, has aweight problem, but she has found someone who loves her. However, she can't believehe loves her so she goes to work for his ex-wife to try to imitate her.

Kevin, the other sibling, has his own struggles. He continues to encounter stumbling blocks as he tries to get a break in show business. His biggest problem is that he finds it hard to adjust without his siblings by his side.

More shocking twists

Viewers can look forward to twists in every episode. Some of them are big and can't be missed, but the smaller ones might be overlooked. Usually, the bigger twists come at the very end of the episode. Perhaps that is to give viewers something to think about until the show airs again the following week. Watch "This Is Us" on Tuesday night on NBC at 9p.m. to see what happens next. Have your tissues ready because there will be something to cry about.

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