October is coming to an end and we have a clearer picture of the 2017 TV ratings situation. This new Fall season has proved that viewers are slowly disappearing and only a bunch of TV series are still getting positive results. Let's have a look at the TV ratings and previews of this Autumn's shows. Which TV show will continue? Which will get axed?

'This Is Us,' 'Grey's,' and 'Empire' reign

In the winners list, we can include just a short number of titles. At the moment "This Is Us" is the biggest surprise of the season: after being moved at 9.00 p.m., the family drama outperformed "The Voice" obtaining a 2.8 and a 2.6 in the 18/49.

NBC is clearly celebrating. Have a look at "This Is Us" 1x05 "The Game Plan" preview:

"Empire" is not delivering anymore 4.0-range results, but it still has the crown of the top-rated scripted drama. After 12 years, "Grey's Anatomy" is still ABC's strongest performer and its latest outing registered a 2.1 in 18/49 and 7.8 millions. You can find the "Grey's Anatomy" 13x05"Both Sides Now" preview below:

'Frequency' and 'No Tomorrow' are struggling, 'Supergirl' flies

Just one of the CW's new TV series has been a bright spot: "Supergirl" landed on her new network with a strong 1.1 in the 18/49 and a positive 0.9 in its second outing. "Frequency" and "No Tomorrow" are floating between a 0.2 and 0.3 and just 1 million viewers.

The rest of the CW's shows returned in line with their spring results: "Arrow" debuted with 0.7, "Legends of Tomorrow" with a 0.6, "Supernatural" with a 0.8 and "The Flash" with a 1.1. Have a look at "Supernatural" 12x03 "Mamma Mia" preview:

The rest of the broadcast TV series have performed in line with the previous weeks.

"The Good Place" and "Superstore" are obtaining a 1.2, "Chicago Med" a 1.3, and "How To Get Away with Murder" didn't have a positive start: it's going down, dragged by the disappointing "Notorious"' performances. "The Blacklist" is fairly stable at a 1.1.

It's evident that people are getting tired of traditional TV, and there is nothing that could save old broadcast networks from the current difficult situation.

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