CBS just released a new “The Young and the Restless” spoilers video and it’s hot – Patty Williams escaped the nuthouse and is coming to terrorize Sharon Newman McAvoy. You can check out the video below and read this video breakdown to see what’s coming next.

Patty out of mental hospital and out for revenge

In “The Young and the Restless” video promo titled Lights Out! things get dark as Patty comes for Sharon. The promo also includes Chloe Mitchell staring out the window – trouble is coming for her too this week because she has slipped up and someone knows what she’s been up to.A split second of the video shows the fire that blew up the cabin and supposedly killed Adam Newman so that hints that the whatever goes on with Chloe has to do with Adam's fate.

Paul Williams is out searching desperately for his sister Patty Cakes and has a flashlight looking around for her. Patty is seen lurking around and ready to make trouble for Sharon and Patty isn’t wrong to do so. Sharon has been lying to Patty’s nephew Dylan McAvoy for nearly a year now.

Chelsea and Chloe at risk?

Chelsea Newman is with Chloe as their lights go dark in the storm and they also look worried. Chelsea knows the baby secret too and Chloe is keeping a baby secret as well – who is Bella’s father?

Could Patty be coming to find out what Chelsea knows?

Sharon is terrified and we see her telling Nick Newman that “she’s on the loose.” Nick thinks Sharon is scared that Patty will hurt her – but Sharon’s true fear is that her Sully lie will be exposed. Nick is seen being knocked out as he goes outside to investigate.

Victor, Hilary and more!

Also in the new “The Young and the Restless” spoiler video, we see Hilary Curtis throwing a fit in her kitchen over her sagging ratings for GC Buzz because she’s trying to take the high road at Devon Hamilton’s request.

Looks like someone might be spying on Victor Newman from his laptop camera since he’s seen shutting it down. Is that the work of Jack Abbot? Or could it be hacker Natalie Soderberg since she’s back in town? Travis Crawford tells Victor that Newman Enterprises was hacked.

The video spoiler predicts “lives will be destroyed” and shows Abby Newman Rayburn walking away from Ben ‘Stitch’ Rayburn and telling her mom Ashley Abbott that she thinks her marriage is over.

Wonder if Stiitch and Ashley will get another shot at love?

Things are at a boiling point

You’ll also see Phyllis Abbott trying to get a flash drive back from Billy Abbott that has Newman data on it. She’s working with Jack to get revenge on Victor. The video promo ends as Sharon screams as she sees a face at the window. Must be Patty on the prowl at the ranch!

The video has us wondering will Sharon’s secret finally come out? Will Chloe’s? Will Victor figure out Jack is behind the attack on Newman?

The Young and The Restless” airs daily on CBS.

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