"The Young and the Restless" spoilers see Jack Abbott plotting against Newman Enterprises and Brash & Sassy to get revenge for Phyllis Abbott cheating with Billy Abbott. As Jack lashes out, he is more intent on destroying his rivals then keeping Jabot in good shape. Will everyone lose when hegoes rogue?

Brash & Sassy at risk

Ashley Abbott tries to get Jack’s mind back on Jabot but he’s got a corporate spy working for him and has two targets in mind: Brash & Sassy and Newman Enterprises. Since Brash & Sassy has a new perfume launch coming, hedecides to sabotage their efforts to get back at Billy.

Jack increases his Jabot orders to a shared production factory and that means that B&Scan’t get the product they need. But if Jack can’t sell all the extra product he ordered, he could be hurting Jabot and Brash & Sassy at the same time.

Billy hits back

Billy confronts his brotherabout what he’s done, but Jack doesn’t care. Ashley is surprised when their brother storms into the offices to chew them both out about Jabot hindering Brash & Sassy. Ashley refuses to believe that her big brotherwould stoop that low and defends one brother from another.

Jack makes out like it was a simple mistake so that the confrontation doesn’t get more aggressive but Billy suspects his brother is lying to him. Billy doesn’t want to think the worst of Jack but evidence shows that Jack is trying to take down B&Sto punish Billy for cheating with Jack’s wife.

Blinded by rage

Billy decides to get back at Jack once he realizes the truth and this is bad for Jabot, Brash & Sassy, and the Abbott family.

Phyllis realizes what Jack is doing since she’s spying on his computer. Can she put a stop to the Billy vs Jack war?

Will Victoria Newman and Jill Abbott have to fire Billy from Brash & Sassy to save the company? Jack is angry at Jill, Phyllis, and Billy over the cheating and lies. He's not being reasonable and may be unstoppable.

This new Jack is angry but pretty sexy.There's finally some fire back in his character and Peter Bergman is having fun with the part.

"The Young and the Restless" can be seen daily on CBS.

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