“The Young and the Restless” fans are buzzing over the news that Steve Burton has decided to leave the show and the role of Dylan McAvoy. The actor had previously talked about how much he loved being with “Y&R,” but some wonder if his current storyline and the regime changes behind-the-scenes paved the way for him to feel ready to move on to other opportunities. What's the scoop?

What has Burton said about his 'Y&R' departure?

Steve Burton announced the news via his Twitter page, noting that with “lots of reflection,” he has decided to leave “Young and Restless” when his contract ends in December.

He says that he's had an amazing time with the show, but it feels like the right time to move on and tackle new adventures. The actor compliments the cast and crew with the soap and says he has a great deal of respect for them. He ended the series of tweets with the hashtag “positivity rules” and thanked his fans for their support.

On the one hand, fans are pretty stunned by Burton's decision. On the other hand, he had been brought on during Jill Farren Phelps' regime and he had always been close to her, and she was recently fired from the show . In addition, Dylan's storyline is reaching a point where it seems understandable to think that the actor may feel ready to leave.

Where do things head from here for Steve and the character of Dylan?

Sharon has been lying to her husband about Sully being Christian for months, and there is little doubt that when he soon finds out the truth, he will feel overwhelmingly betrayed. While “Young and Restless” could surely find a new path for Dylan to follow on the show, Burton's fans can see why he might be ready to sink his teeth into something else.

What will Burton tackle next? Naturally, many of his fans and “General Hospital” viewers are itching to see him return to Port Charles. Billy Miller has taken on the role of Jason Morgan and made it his own, but a fair number of “GH” viewers will always see Steve as the true Jason Morgan and the show could surely find a way to have both men on the cast if they were interested in making it happen.

However, Burton is the one who chose to leave the show after difficult contract negotiations, so it would seem a stretch to think he would return at this point.

Could Steve Burton land on another soap opera entirely or will he head in a different direction and aim for primetime, movies, or something entirely different? The “Young and Restless” star hasn't detailed anything about what comes next for him, but he did note that there is a lot of great Sully story left to watch on the show and his fans will surely be anxious to see how things play out for Dylan McAvoy on “Y&R.” Are you disappointed to hear that Steve Burton is leaving "Young and Restless"?

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