"The Walking Dead" returned last week with the season 7 premiere and many viewers felt a sick feeling churn in the pit of their stomachs as the episode unfolded . As the camera panned to the splattered aftermath of Glenn's beating strewn across the ground, you knew right then and there that the dynamics of Rick and his crew were changed forever. This season opener left the viewers with a deap feeling of despair, with some feeling "The Walking Dead" offered up more disturbing graphics than a TV show should be allowed to do.

UK sensors graphic scenes

Apparently the TV station that airs the show in the U.K.

thought "The Walking Dead" pushed the limit on gore with the season's opening episode because it was edited before it aired across the pond. Fox U.K. took out a good deal of the graphic clips that left that sickening aftermath from your stomach to your throat. These scenes mostly had to do with the gruesome and horrific shots of Glenn's death.

Ratings grabber

According to Slate, the folks who bring "The Walking Dead" to the screen did what they set out to do. They went above and beyond what was expected for this show to grab for ratings.The high ratings weren't much of a surprise to the viewers, due to the cliff hanger that they left the fans with last season.

It was a scene that you just couldn't forget and it became somewhat of an obsession to tune back in and see how panned out.

You knew someone was going to die at the hands of Negan, you just weren't sure who that would be. As it turned out it was a double death, so just as you thought you had a moments reprieve from the gore of Abraham's death, Negan starts shredding Glenn's skull. The writers do their job well, as they not only know how to keep the folks entertained, but they also know how to assure they'll come back no matter how long the show is on hiatus.

Shock value

With Abraham smashed to death by Negan, the rest of Rick's group might have felt a twinge of relief through their feelings of dread and doom. It looked to be over, but Negan turned on Glenn in a blink of an eye. According to Slate the "shock value" in the scenes where both Glenn and Abraham die, was right from the comic book version of "The Walking Dead."

The show aired Sunday night in the U.S., but it is offered on Monday nights in the U.K.

and by the time it aired across the pond the majority of the graphic death of Glenn and the aftermath of that gore was cut from the show. If you watched the premiere in the U.K. you never got to see those gruesome clips of Glenn's face as he is bashed so hard in the head that his eyeball pops out. You also were saved from seeing this shredded aftermath on the ground.

Complaints about gore?

According to Forbes, "The Walking Dead" has ahistory of gore and violence and some would argue this show offers more gore than any other show to ever grace the television screen. Because this venue has always been made up of gruesome scenes, Forbes suggest that it would take a lot for fans to start complaining about the gore, but that happened with this season opener.

They went an eyeball too far!

The scene of Negan bashing in Glenn's head seems to be the clip folks have honed in on the most with complaints. It was the eyeball protruding from Glenn's eye socket that many felt was over the edge with violence and gore even for this show. The folks from "The Walking Dead" claim they needed to show the extent of what the comic book version had conjured up. Many argued online that they got the gist of the violence without Glenn's eyeballmaking an appearance. Do you think "The Walking Dead" season 7 premiere went too far in the gore department or is this something you'd expect from this AMC show?

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