"The Walking Dead" Season 7 is rapidly approaching, and everyone is talking about who Negan may have killed in that shocking Season 6 finale cliffhanger. While nothing has been confirmed, a brand new sneak peek was recently released by AMC, and fans are freaking out that Negan's victim may have accidentally been revealed during the intense clip. Will one of the most beloved characters on the show really be forced to say goodbye in the Season 7 opener? Fans are worried!

Fans are worried about a popular character

According to E! Online, "The Walking Dead" Season 7 premiere is going to be insane, and if the brand new clip is any preview of what fans are in store for then they better hold on to their hats.

In the newly released clip, Negan has just brutally killed a member of the group by bashing their head in, and he wants to get chatty with Rick, who is covered in the victim's blood. Negan tells Rick about all the benefits of having a "right hand man" helping him navigate the new world. Negan then asks Rick if he has a right hand man, and then realizes that he may have actually killed Rick's second in command.

Shocking evidence points to Negan's victim?

Rick is completely shaken as he tells Negan he is going to kill him someday. Negan then asks for Rick's weapon, a hatchet, and drags Rick into his RV. "The Walking Dead" fans then see the camera pan to a puddle of blood and brains on the ground next to what seems to be the blanket that was seen draped around Daryl's shoulders in the Season 6 finale.

Could Negan have actually killed Daryl? Fans are now worried that perhaps the most popular character on the TV series will be saying a violent, sad, and shocking goodbye at the end of the month when the Season 7 premiere airs. While nothing has been confirmed, Daryl has been a character that viewers have been speculating about for months.

While fans are going to be shocked to see any of the characters go, it does seem that Daryl's possible death would make the biggest impact to the viewers.

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