The wait is almost over for the beginning of season 7 of "The Walking Dead."The season finale of season 6 was a cliffhanger that has tortured many fans all summer long. With few clues but countless theories, we still don't know who is killed by Negan and his barbed wire-covered bat Lucille.

According to Entertainment Weeklythe director of the season premiere, Greg Nicotero has spoken out. He said the season premiere was the most emotional and difficult he has ever directed. The cast had to really feel the sorrow and fear and portray that in the filming, leading to several takes at times to get the scene exactly right.

How bad does it get?

Nicotero tells us that we will see the characters from the season 6 finale as broken and trapped with no chance to be saved. There will be no one to come in and help them escape the imminent danger they are in. This time we will see not only the execution of one of our favorites but possibly a second. And if that isn't devastating enough, we can expect more and more to just keep coming at them. He describes it as becoming lower and lower for the cast.

Rick has always been a strong leader. He may have been shaken in the past but we have never really seen him scared. Nicotero tells us that Rick will actually be afraid in the first couple of shows of the season as the group experiences the worst times they have ever faced.

Is the comic book a clue?

A lot of fans have followed the comic book storyline in order to see where "The Walking Dead" is going. According to Nicotero, that is not going to work in this case. The two stories are different and we have a very different outcome than the comic book will lead readers to expect.

Along with sadness and heartbreak, Nicotero tells us that fans will be mad as well. Productionwill take the show to a level of despair they didn't want to go to but did it anyway. After six seasons and so many struggles behind them, we will see our favorites suffer as never before.

The season premiere of "The Walking Dead" will be on October 23rd at 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central.

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