“The Walking Dead” spoilers for Season 7 Episode 2, "The Well," show action at four communities – The Kingdom, Alexandria, Hilltop, and Sanctuary. Carol is alive and well, Rick and the Lucille survivors are in bad shape, and there’s dissention in the ranks at Alexandria. They're safe this week, but more major character deaths are coming this season.

Meet King Ezekiel

Carol and Morgan took a road trip with the men of The Kingdom after they were found at the end of Season 6. Carol was in rough shape after her ordeal with the Savior that tried to kill her andshe’s on the mend but wheelchair-bound.

Morgan takes Carol (and TWD watchers) on a tour of The Kingdom which seems peaceful and productive but Carol doesn’t trust anything that looks too peaceful.

The Kingdom’s central building is a high school and King Ezekiel holds court in the theater withhis ferocious kitty.

Saviors and Daryl and tigers, oh my!

KingEzekiel’s pet tiger Shivais a zombie eating badass portrayed on screen by an animatronic puppet combined with CGI that looks pretty damned good. Carol is stunned to hear the leader of a community has styled himself a king.Morgan tells her that Ezekiel does “his own thang” and she wonders what that means. The people of the kingdom want Morgan to keep quiet about what he observes in their community after he leaves.So where’s Daryl? Turns out he’s Negan’s new pet. We'll see Daryl used and abused by Negan for most of the season. Dog food sandwiches, anyone?

Hilltop and Alexandria

Maggie and the gang head to Hilltop because she needs to get checked out by the doctor to see if her baby is okay. They are all still reeling from the deaths of Abraham and Glenn. Maggie stays behind at Hilltop while the rest of the group heads back to Alexandria.At Alexandria, Spencer is a source of trouble and criticizes Rick for not making a deal with Negan when they had the chance.

Rick breaks the news to everyone about the loss of Glenn and Abe and soon enough Negan will come calling for his first tribute payment.

New sheriff in town

Rick informs the Alexandrians that he’s not in charge anymore – Negan is. Jesus tells Rick they’ll get past this. While Rick outwardly seems compliant to Negan’s demands, “The Walking Dead” spoilers hintonce he’s alone with Michonne, he’ll explain they have to plan carefully to take out Negan.

“The Walking Dead” spoilers show that Season 7 Episode 2 is a bit longer with a run time of one hour and 15 minutes to fit in all the action as the after-effects of Negan’s rampage hit the survivors.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sunday nights on AMC.

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