"The Walking Dead" season 7 episode 2 is nearly here. "The Well" will introduce us to The Kingdom and King Ezekiel, butwhy does the dreadlock'd dude have a tiger? If TWD producers stick the comic backstory, and it seems like they will, Shiva was a resident at the zoo where Ezekiel was a keeper and when the world went to hell, he took the big cat and hit the road.

Carol in The Kingdom

Before Carol was saved by Morgan at the end of Season 6, she seemed ready to write herself off. S7 E2 brings us some of the Carol back from before.

It's not cardigan Carol from Alexandria, but an almost giddy Carol who says she has "no idea what's going on in the most wonderful way." This shot was in the school theater where she met Ezekiel.

It seems that Carol is putting on yet another mask, this time for her time in The Kingdom. Carol is wheelchair bound from the brutal Savior attack that she barely survived and she seems skeptical about the Sesame Street sort of happy community they've found themselves in. In the comics, as an aside, Ezekiel was Michonne's ex BF, but that seems unlikely on the show.

Secrets of The Kingdom

Also in the Season 7 trailers, we see some man-eating (or zombie-eating) mega pigs. That seems to be either at The Kingdom or Sanctuary (the Saviors nesting ground). What is clear is that there is something dodgy going on in the underbelly of The Kingdom. An extended trailer released in Europe and South America offers more insight than the US trailer.

Morgan has discovered something unseemly that has to do with walkers and King Ezekiel's province and the tiger-loving king tells Morganhe's doing something that he keeps secret from his people.

It looks ugly but might be what keeps his community alive and thriving. But what is it and how long until Morgan fills Carol in?

Hostage Daryl at Sanctuary

Remember Negan took Daryl Dixon with him and it turns out he's being held hostage at The Sanctuary and alternately tormented and groomed to be a new recruit to their group. Daryl will be put in a life-or-death scenario, unarmed, to face off walkers much to the delight of Dwight who has stolen Daryl's bike, vest, and crossbow.

"The Walking Dead" spoilers show that Negan will force Daryl to eat dog food sandwiches which is funny given how Daryl grew up -- this won't faze him at all. Maggie gets to visit the doc at Hilltop for an update on her baby then decides to stay there awhile. RickGrimes goes back to Alexandria with his tail between his legs tobreak the news of the brutal beatdownsof Glenn and Abraham and says they are all Negan's people now.

P.S. Expect two more deaths at Negan's hands in the Season 7 mid-season finale!

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