"The Walking Dead" fans have had a week to recover from the season premiere. For some it may take longer but for the rest of us, we are moving on to a new world without Glenn and Abraham.Carol and Morgan were last seen in the season finale of Season 6. They were being offered help by a manwearing full combat gear. He will guide the two to a new settlement called the Kingdom. The residents will be surprisingly friendly and open to their arrival.

We meet Ezekiel and Shiva!

The leader of the Kingdom is King Ezekiel (Khary Payton).

He is an eccentric man that has tamed a tiger he has named Shiva. Comic book fans have looked forward to Rick's gang making their way to the Kingdom for a long time but the excitement geared up at the last Comic Con in July.

In the comic book series, Michonne and Ezekiel become a couple. With the television show scripting Michonne with Rick and now Carol finding her way to the Kingdom, there is speculation that she may be the one that finds love with him.

Carol's character died in the comic books long ago by taking her own life.

In the television show she is at times a very fierce fighter but it takes its toll on her. She gets shaken to the core due to the level of violence she is constantly surrounded by. There are times when she has trouble knowing where she belongs in the world she is in, or if she belongs at all. Carol has a lot of healing to do but she also has a lot of people that care about her and will be there to help her.

Sneak peek leaves more questions than answers

The sneak peek for episode 2 shows Morgan pushing Carol's wheelchair and explaining that he has been helping out at the Kingdom because they have been helping her. He is hesitant to tell her much about King Ezekiel other than his name and that he does his own thing. She is in the same situation we are at the end of the clip. None of us know anything of substance.

Episode 2 will be more about the Kingdom than Rick and the gang. Spoilers say we won't be seeing most of Alexandria tonight. "The Walking Dead" airs on AMC at 8PM Central time, 9PM Eastern.

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