Ever since Rick Grimes, played by British actor Andrew Lincoln, first woke up in an Atlanta hospital to find himself stuck in the zombie apocalypse, audiences have been hooked. "The Walking Dead" has successfully taken a cue from shows like "Breaking Bad" and "Lost" by giving us characters who could be a heroone minute and a villain the next. We've seen various bad ones come and go, such as Michael Rooker's Merle Dixon and David Morrissey's Governor.We've also seen some more likable characters die in various ways, like Scott Wilson's Hershel Greene, and Sarah Wayne Callies' Lori Grimes.

With the final episode of season six, we met one of the biggest villains in the series, the sadistic leader of the Saviors, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan.

He made his introduction by lining up most of the major characters and "promising" them that he would take out his vengeance on one of them for killing his men. Using a bat covered in barbed wire, which he affectionately named Lucille, he played the classic children's game "Eenie Meenie Miney Moe," and then proceeded to bash someone's head in as the camera went black.

Many fans were outraged that AMC decided to make us wait six months to see who died in that exchange, but tonight we will finally see the results.

Who did Negan kill at the end of 'The Walking Dead' season 6?

Those who have read the comic book know that one character has been "Lucille'd," and AMC has decided to possibly deviate from that storyline.

If you've read it, you know who it is. This character isamong a handful who have been around since the show began, and almost died several times already.

One character was originally not even in the comics. Norman Reedus had originally wanted to play the role of Merle Dixon, the racist antagonist who had cut off his own hand to escape walkers after being handcuffed to a roof.

The show-runners liked Reedus so much that they invented Merle's younger brother Daryl, according to Uproxx. Fans agree that he's one of the most popular. It was an early theory that they would kill him off because he's lasted six seasons already and created problems with keeping the story intact, but fans have stated that they will stop watching if he does die.

Michael Cudlitz's Abraham Ford is another strong candidate for the "Lucille treatment" in season seven. After it was revealed that Josh McDermitt's Eugene Porter wasn't really an expert with a solution to the outbreak, the two ended up being almost useless. Eugene has already given his blueprint for making bullets to Rick, and he hasn't really contributed to the group much aside from that.

The only ones assumed to be immune to the death rumors are Rick and Chandler Riggs' Carl, whom Negan stated he has plans for.

AMC intentionally filmed all possible deaths to avoid leaks

The show-runners knew people would be like detectives, and did everything they could, including not allowing the stars to ruin the surprise.

This included actually filming the deaths by Lucille for every character in the group, according to Games Radar. Some actors have claimed to be questioned by police and airport security. They didn't even invite the press to the pre-screening.

Tonight, the wait will be over and the world will know if "The Walking Dead" sticks to the comics.

Who do you think received the business end of Lucille in the Season seven premiere?

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