"The Walking Dead" premieres season 7 on October 23, which isn't too far away. Everyone is anxious to find out what will happen with Negan and Rick's group. Recently, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan went on "Live with Kelly" to talk about the show, his character, and the barbed wire baseball bat nicknamed Lucille.

Negan's personality on 'The Walking Dead'

There is not a single character on television that will be like Negan. In Robert Kirkman's comic books, the adversary is sarcastic, funny, charming, and lethal. Expect this same combination when "The Walking Dead" returns with season 7. It isn't yet known if Negan will be exactly the same as the comic book character, but it sounds like certain traits will carry over to the AMC television show.

Why is Negan's baseball bat called Lucille?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan told Kelly that Lucille isn't a random name for Negan's bat. Right before the zombie apocalypse, Negan's wife died. Her name was Lucille. This is why the new big bad picked this certain nickname. That's right, just like fans suspected, Lucille was named after someone special... Negan's wife. The actor also mentioned that fans will probably find out the backstory at some point in "The Walking Dead."

The leather jacket and bloody pants

The 'TWD' actor also discussed filming in Atlanta. The weather is hot and humid. As fans know, Negan wears a leather jacket and that doesn't change because of the blazing sun. Expect to see the character wearing the leather jacket all the time.

Morgan also said that he has blood all over his pants and he doesn't think they are ever washed.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan loves playing a maniac

Those that have read "The Walking Dead" comic books all seem to love Negan's character. However, people use different terms to describe him. Some believe he is a narcissistic psychopath, which is how executive producer Gale Anne Hurd described him.

Others don't really view Negan as a villain since Rick Grimes initiated the battle by killing the Saviors. In either case, Jeffrey Dean Morgan said that he absolutely loves playing a maniac.

What do you think of what Jeffrey Dean Morgan had to say about Negan? What do you think will happen when "The Walking Dead" returns with new episodes?

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