To say that the season six finale of The Walking Dead ended on a massive cliffhanger is an understatement. Rick and his group were left kneeling in front of Negan as he decided which one of them to kill as punishment for the death of his people. However, right when Negan chose his victim, the camera cut away, not revealing who it was until last night. After six months of waiting, which fan favorite met their untimely end?

New World, New Rules

The season premiere wastes no time picking up where last season left off, showing a shaken and trembling Rick with blood splattered on his right cheek.

In the background, the sobs of the group are heard before he promised to kill Negan, much to his amusement. After taunting Rick for a bit, Negan asked Simon to fetch him the hatchet of the group member he killed and then dragged Rick into the camper, warning that he might not come back with him. Once inside the RV, Negan tells Rick that the only way to stop him is by picking up the axe and driving it into his skull. Just as Rick was about to strike, Negan pulled a machine gun on him, punched him in the gut, and drove off.

After driving for a while, Negan stopped in what seemed like the middle of nowhere and told Rick that he and the group belonged to him now. To emphasize that point, he opened the RV door threw his ax on the roof and demanded that Rick fetch it or else he would kill the rest of the group. As he threw Rick on the ground to fend for himself amongst a fog of walkers, Rick began imagining the rest of the group getting their heads bashed in by Lucille.

Somehow, he fought his way through them and ended up on the roof of the RV, where he began thinking once again, this time of the previous night's events.

The price is finally paid

The death sequence continued from Negan playing "Eeeny Meeny Miny Moe" and ultimately showed who "it" was: Abraham. As he mercilessly cracked his head open, Abraham just took it in stride, telling Negan to "Suck his n***" before he finished him off to the group's horror.

Negan then paraded Lucille around and screamed at Rosita to look at it before Daryl got up off the ground and punched him, leading to devastating consequences. Negan told the group that because of Daryl's actions, he had to prove he was a man of his word; he nonchalantly said "Back to it," and then hit Glenn with such force, his eyeball popped out. Before Negan decimated him completely, he was able to utter four heartbreaking words to his wife - "Maggie, I'll find you." The sequence then return to the present, with Rick still laying on the RV, sobbing.

It's Negan's world now

Successfully fighting off the walkers with Negan's help, the two arrived back to the woods where the group still knelt, sobbing, and terrified.

Feeling that Rick still had a look of defiance in his eyes, Negan ordered Carl to lay down in front of him and began drawing a line on his left arm. As Rick looked on in horror and disbelief, he ordered him to cut his son's arm off with the hatchet or else his men would shoot everyone in the head, leaving a mess everywhere. Rick pleaded to no avail as Negan began counting down from three; he decided to eventually stop Rick from going through it saying that he only wanted to see the broken look on his face so that Rick would understand he and the group now answered to him. To make sure they would comply, he took Daryl hostage and said if Rick tried anything, he would kill him, or make Rick do it himself.

Negan and his men then left, leaving the group to pick up the pieces. They later carried the bodies of Glenn and Abraham to the truck Negan gave them, Maggie and Sasha set off to the Hilltop so the doctor could check on her baby and Rick once again climbed in the RV, this time alone.

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