Now that "The Walking Dead" season 7 premiere pushed enough gloom and doom on their viewers to last a lifetime, a place which is the polar opposite of Negan's world is revealed. The first introduction to this community is done using some familiar faces tonight, according to the director of this AMC show.Before Rick and company step into a world that doesn't seem to contain an ounce of despair, you get to see Carol and Morgan there first. The darkness lifts as King Ezekiel and his tigerare the next chapter for this totally devastated and broken bunch.

Out with the bad - in with the good?

According to Entertainment Weekly, "The Walking Dead" survivors land in a brand new community which will be the next setting for this psychologically damaged crew.

The community is a place that is almost too good to be true. The King and his tiger are anything but normal and some might even call Ezekiel beyond the boundaries of eccentric.

Total opposite of Negan's crew

Greg Nicotero directed the premiere episode of "The Walking Dead" and he has also directed the following episode, "The Well," which airs tonight. He calls tonight's episode the "exact opposite" of the disturbing opener. When some of the characters first come across this new community it just seems odd that such a happy place can grow out of a zombie apocalypse.

Look for Carol and Morgan

While the cast will have a bunch of new faces, you will find some old and rather comforting faces in King Ezekiel's odd community like Carol and Morgan.

While Negan offered up everything you'd equate to death, Ezekiel's Kingdom is one of light and life. The people in the community are just too enthused with all that life has to offer them today despite the zombie apocalypse taking over the world.

Broken people

This once strong and driven crew is now broken with Maggie and Rick suffering more than a person should be allowed to ever suffer after Negan changed their world forever.

While a respite from all the gore and doom is greatly needed, will it be enough for some of the characters once arriving in the kingdom behind Carol and Morgan?

Not the traditional setting for 'TWD'

The Kingdom is something very different from anything ever seen on "The Walking Dead" before. In fact it is so different that folks might not "get this place," said Nicotero.

As far as Carol and Morgan go, Nicotero offers up a hint for fans to look for these two to do some "amazing, amazing stuff" in tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead."

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