Watching Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who playsthe role of Negan, brutally take the lives of both Abraham and Glenn in the premiere episode of season 7 of “The Walking Dead” was shocking. Fans are still reeling from the sheer brutality shown by one of their favorite actors. Many of them remember a nicer Morgan, playing the role of John Winchester in the popular TV series “Supernatural.” As reported by Entertainment Weekly, while Sam and Dean’s dad was pretty brutal with the more supernatural type of critter, he had a good heart, and the comparison between that character and the latest villain on “The Walking Dead” is a hard one.

"The Walking Dead" and "Supernatural" memes rule social media

Fans took to the Twittersphere with fun memes, showing the two “Supernatural” brothers in crossover images with their dad, John - now in the role of the villain Negan - and this quickly caught on. So much so, in fact, that according to Ace Showbiz, Jenson Ackles (aka Dean Winchester) and Morgan decided to do their own thing.

It all started when Ackles headed over to Instagram to post a couple of images featuring Lucille, the infamous barbed-wire wrapped bat - recently used to spread the brains of Abraham and Glenn all over the ground to such devastating effect - on the hood of that famous Winchester 1967 Chevrolet Impala.

Naturally the images soon headed to Twitter, eliciting anamusing response from Morgan. Morgan, thinking in the role of John Winchester, brought up some early memories from season 2 of “Supernatural” in his responses, alluding to the time when Winchester sacrificed his own life to save his son, Dean.

You can see the response below.

“The Walking Dead” without Abraham and Glenn

There has been a huge outcry over the premiere episode of "The Walking Dead," with many fans saying it was too much, too brutal.

Admittedly this is surprising, considering the violence that goes on all the time in the popular AMC series. While most of that violence has been against the Walkers, "TWD" fans will now have to get used to the idea that their favorite characters are now all in serious danger with the advent of Negan. At the end of the premiere episode, another highly popular character, Daryl Dixon, is led away by the villain Negan. Now fans have to worry about whether he will survive the experience, or become yet another victim of the terrible Lucille.

Readers, are you following The Walking Dead?” What did you think of that bloody premiere episode?

Too much? Or just another exciting way to continue the series? Let us know below.

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