The Season 6 finale was brutal. "The Walking Dead" left fans knowing that someone was going to die a horrible death. There was no doubt that the Season 7 premiere would pick up where the finale ended - with blood rolling down the camera lens as Negan had begun his attack.

Over the summer social media was filled with rumors of who fell victim to Negan's barbed wire covered bat, Lucille. Glenn orDaryl seemed to be the ones fans expected to die but each member of the cast who was on their knees in the season finale was a possibility.

Greg Nicotero, executive producer of "The Walking Dead" promised it would be awful. He said it would be terrible, fans would be angry and fans would have to grieve. He also said just when you though it couldn't get worse, it would. And it did. It was just as awful as he promised. And it got worse. So much worse than fans were prepared for.

Social media reaction to'The Walking Dead' premiere.

Social media has seen an obituary for Glenn. There have been memes that Abraham was dead as well because it seemed his death was overshadowed by the loss of our favorite pizza delivery guy.

Some fans complained about how brutal and graphic the killings were while others said it went on too long and became boring. This fan just simply found it sickening with the amount of overkill involved in the brutal attacks.

Some fans took to social media to blame Daryl for the death of Glenn. They feel that if he had not had an outburst, Negan would have let Abraham's death be the only one the group would suffer.

They seemed to go straight from hoping it wasn't Daryl before the premiere to blaming him after the show aired.

Now for the fine line between television and reality.

There are fans out there that seem to have trouble remembering that we are not living in a ZombieApocalypse and "The Walking Dead" is a television show. There have been death threats made on both Norman Reedus who plays Daryl and Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan.

Other posts remind those people that the writers are the ones who actually killed the characters.

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